Any recommendations on a non T-Mobile signal booster/repeater?


    I am in need of a signal booster or repeater for my home for the T-Mobile service.  Despite I get good LTE Band 2 signal outside, the house has a literal tin foil hat embedded in the exterior walls, a part of improving the house's energy efficiency.  It causes more trouble for my cellphones trying to get out.


    I have requested for the T-Mobile's window signal booster, but my area apparently lacks the necessary bands, therefore I will have to pay a bit more for my own signal booster.  Anyone have any recommendations?

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      • artart

        Hi lbxzero

        Do you have internet service at home?

        T-Mobile sent me one of these.

        It works great for me. Check it out.



        • lbxzero

          The internet service I have is no good for VOIP.  As such, my only option for improving signal inside my home is a signal repeater.

          • turdmobile

            T-Mobile offers a signal repeater but it doesn't work for all frequencies put out by their towers. There are other repeaters on the market that will work but why doesn't T-Mobile offer them? It seems they give plenty of our money to big name multi million dollar celebrities for advertisements instead of using our money to provide us with service. Does anybody see a problem with that??? I can't wait to pay our phones off so I can switch back to AT&T. I always seemed to get service with them.

            • barcodeable

              I am very surprised nobody from T-Mobile commented on this post, but T-Mobile’s Service Agreement specifically prohibits signal boosters and repeaters on their network unless it is provided by T-Mobile. I have no idea how T-Mobile will detect if you are using a repeater or signal booster... just wanted to shed light on this post.






              Unless explicitly permitted by your Rate Plan or Data Plan, you are not permitted to use your Device or the Services in a way that we determine:

              • Uses a repeater or signal booster other than one we provide to you;
              • Compromises network security or capacity, degrades network performance, uses malicious software or “malware”, hinders other customers’ access to the network, or otherwise adversely impacts network service levels or legitimate data flows;
              • Uses applications which automatically consume unreasonable amounts of available network capacity;
              • Uses applications which are designed for unattended use, automatic data feeds, automated machine-to-machine connections, or applications that are used in a way that degrades network capacity or functionality;
              • Misuses the Service, including "spamming" or sending abusive, unsolicited, or other mass automated communications;
              • Accesses the accounts of others without authority;
              • Results in more than 50% of your voice and/or data usage being Off-Net (i.e., connected to another provider’s network) for any 2 billing cycles within any 12-month period;
              • Results in unusually high usage (specifically, more 50GB (updated periodically) in a month) and the majority of your data usage being Smartphone Mobile HotSpot (tethering) usage for any 3 billing cycles within any 6-month period;
              • Resells the Service, either alone or as part of any other good or service;
              • Tampers with, reprograms, alters, or otherwise modifies your Device to circumvent any of our policies or violate anyone’s intellectual property rights;
              • Causes harm or adversely affects us, the network, our customers, employees, business, or any other person;
              • Conflicts with applicable law;
              • Is not in accordance with these T&Cs; or
              • Attempts or assists or facilitates anyone else in any of the above activities.