Coverage woes


    I moved 8 lines to TMO back in April, 2 of those lines included my parents. At their house, coverage for AT&T and VZW has always been weak, but inside the house we've always been able to make calls. But with TMO none of us can. (Note: my parents have very old phones, but my wife and I each have iPhone 6+ and 6S+ respectively. So we have a range of phones to test with.)


    The first time I called in to order the signal booster (as the iPhones can get 1 bar by certain windows in the house), we were sent a Cellspot instead. The Cellspot would never initialize, so that's being returned. When my dad called today to order a signal booster, the rep decided to send out the Wifi cellspot instead (which will do them no good since their phones aren't capable of Wifi calling?).


    Do the folks on the tech support line not send out signal boosters anymore? I know that TMO was happy to have an 8 line business account come to them and the price is right with this number of lines, but this is getting frustrating.

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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: Coverage woes

        Hey, camattin, and welcome. It's a bummer to read that we ordered equipment for you that won't actually resolve this problem! We should spend your time on the phone with us making sure that you're getting a coverage solution that's going to be the best fit for your needs! Have you had a chance to reach out and get a booster order placed instead? We should be able to send a label for you to return the CellSpot and get one on the way to you ASAP!


        - Marissa

        • stevetjr

          Re: Coverage woes

          camattin besides correcting the cellspot issue, curious what area you are in and what model is our 6S+.   The reason even with the other carriers you get a weak signal is of course related to distance and terrain in between you and the tower. Second is the frequency used, lower bands travel farther and things like walls and trees don't affect them to the extent the higher bands do.  One then asks of course why don't they all just use lower bands??  First just the available amount of it since that is where TV and some other stuff was. Second it is slower since it is a longer wavelength.  Up until a few years ago AT&T and Verizon used their size to buy most all of it up, that of course backfired for Verizon when you could get their signal almost everywhere but it was so slow so they ended up selling $4 billion worth to T-Mobile a few years ago.  The first iPhone that launched with Band 12 (TMO's low band) as the 6S series and for Samsung the Note 4 and Galaxy S6.  When I moved a couple of years ago like you I couldn't get any signal inside and outside was pretty intermittent even though the tower isn't that far but do to terrain and a lot of trees.  When they turned Band 12 on in Atlanta, bingo I now have service without issues. 

          • tmo_chris

            Re: Coverage woes

            Hey camattin,


            How is the new booster working for ya?