No Mobile Network Connection G935A ATT Galaxy S7 Edge


    No Mobile Network Connection G935A ATT Galaxy S7 Edge

    Phone shows 4G LTE but there is no internet service, status of device shows mobile network either connected or connecting, but no IP address is obtained.

    Found that if Airplane Mode is turn on then off, an IP address will be obtained and mobile network will function.

    The following is to share my experience and opinions with T-Mobile.

    After 20 plus years of abuse by ATT, I decided it was time to change. I went to a T-Mobile store bought a SIM card and pay plan. Stuck the SIM in my Galaxy S4 I337 was activated, It was great. The phone work at LTE speeds and without a Booster. ATT service needed a Microcell in my house just to get phone calls to work. Drove up and down east coast of United States, no problems.

    T-Mobile, seemed to be a great choice, so I signed up, online waited a week for a couple of SIM cards.

    Got the SIM cards, inserted them in my Galaxy S4 I337 and the wife's Galaxy S7 Edge G935A. Transferred phone numbers from ATT, then discovered No Mobile Network problem with Galaxy S7 Edge G935A.

    Called T-Mobile support spent hours on the phone every day for more than a week, typing in the APN Access Point Name, resetting phone; calling Samsung to request warranty service as suggested by T-Mobile support. Went to the T-Mobile store, a person in the store press button on the phone and it seemed to work, went home powered off phone and on and there was no network. Swap T-Mobile SIM cards no network, bought another SIM card from ATT NO PROBLEM. 


    After the week of the nonsense of T-Mobile Support and my wife yelling at me to go back to ATT; I called support one more time and started to yell at them something is wrong on their side. A day later the phone magically started to function.

    Guess What? It has been a month, the wife are I on our way to appointments and she starts yelling at me the phone is not working, no internet.

    I need this @#$@#$!....

    I call T-Mobile Support, he has me check APN, then without yelling, I told him I went though all of this a month ago.

    At this point support told me he would create a ticket, what ever......

    Anyway, I cam across a google article that indicated to try turning Air Plane Mode on and off.

    Moral of story;

    Don't transfer phone numbers until you are certain phone works

    T-mobile support sends no-reply emails with suggestions and documents are old and do not match my phone model.

      I will never buy another BRANDED phone. 

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      • tmo_mike_c

        My goodness, this hasn't been the best experience at all now has it? Geez, I'm bummed to hear this. After that much time of abuse, we definitely don't want you going back to AT&T. Is toggling the Airplane mode the only way you can get the phone to consistently work? You shouldn't have to do that on either T-Mobile or Non-T-Mobile. I'm curious if the same thing happens in a T-Mobile branded device. Would you happen to have a T-Mobile phone you could test? I just wouldn't want you to keep having to continue toggling airplane mode for data to work.

          • magenta1306631

            No, I do not have a T-Mobile G935T to try.  The problem may be relate to failure of DCHP, no IP address is obtained. It's quite possibly T-mobile network does not have the capacity in this area. area code 772, zip code 34994, 34957


            The ATT model may not support one or two of the same radio bands that T-Mobile uses in this area.


            The att G935A will be the last Branded phone I buy.  There is just too much BLOAT Ware in all these phones.


            I do think T-Mobile is a Winner, maybe they will Buy ATT Mobile.

              • tmo_mike_c

                You're bring up excellent points! I looked at those zip codes you posted and I'm seeing these areas do support a large portion of the frequencies listed on our Supported T-Mobile networks. The even better news is the signal is strong in these areas. I will say this, I only looked at the general area for these zips and in order to get a more accurate picture of the coverage we expect, you'll want to search a more specific address using our coverage map. So, I said ALL that to say, the coverage looks pretty solid and I'm not seeing anything that would cause any hiccups.


                As for your phone, this can sometimes be a bit tricky. It supports quite a few frequencies we have which is awesome, however sometimes Non-T-Mobile phones can are a little inconsistent. Basically, the magic behind getting Non-T-Mobile phones to work is to have the correct settings entered, have a phone that supports our frequencies, and be in a location that has the bands that the phone supports. Then, ta-da! It should connect. I understand that doesn't always happen so we do let our customer's know about bringing their own device with our Setup guide to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).


                Lastly, thanks for the compliment! We love that you've given us the Winner status! You're a winner too in my book too!

            • heathor

              Dealing with the same issues now. 3 weeks of on the Phone out on the t mobile store and they act like this is a secluded problem.  We were very very careful switching and asked many questions making sure switching with att phones would be ok. I was lied to and now have spent many hours either fixing my phone or going without data even on a road trip I so very badly was counting  on my data. Their only suggestion.... upgrade. So disappointed. Looking for new carrier.