US number calling US number traveling overseas...

    My wife and I currently have Simple Choice Plan: Unlimited Talk + Text which comes with International Roaming - Unlimited international web and text while roaming in 100+ countries with a flat rate of $0.20 per min for voice.


    I am currently in Afghanistan with my T-Mobile sim card still in my phone.  My question is - if my wife (who is in the USA) calls me, do I get charged extra for answer the call and does my wife get charged extra for calling me?  We live in Florida and both have Florida phone numbers.  Data and texting work great and are free as my plan says but the calling situation is something I'd rather not find out with an expensive phone bill


    I have tried to search for the answer but keep getting mixed answers.  Thank you

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      • stevetjr

        It is free if you are Wi-Fi calling and either you call her on a US number or she calls you from a US based number. 


        When you are on Wi-Fi calling as far as T-Mobile is concerned you are in the US since you aren't using the cell network but rather the internet.


        With Android phones they all have a choice that you can set your calling to Wi-Fi preferred so it will always make the calls on Wi-Fi when you are connected to Wi-Fi.  iPhones are a little more tricky as they will jump from one to the other and you can't set them to always try to use Wi-Fi calling so make sure (on either device) you have the Wi-Fi calling indicator when you are calling and don't venture to far from the Wi-Fi so it doesn't switch over to cell with out you knowing and start ringing up the $0.20 per minute.

        • miket

          IF Afghanistan is one of the "free" roaming countries:


          1. When in U.S. - Calling any U.S. number from any U.S. number does not cost anything extra.  It's included in your unlimited calling minutes.  Doesn't matter whether the U.S. number you are dialing is physically across the street or half way around the world.  Doesn't matter whether it's a landline or a cell phone on any carrier w. a U.S. number.

          2.  Receiving a call, no matter where it is from is:

                    a.  Free if you are on wifi    (Make sure your Android phone - done via menu setting - is set for either "wifi preferred" or "wifi only'.)

                     b.  20¢/min. if connected via cell tower

          3.  To make calls:

                 a. When set for wifi calling, calls to U.S. numbers are free.  Do NOT use wifi calling for calling non-U.S. numbers. 

                  b.  When on cell tower, incoming  are all 20¢/min.  Outgoing to numbers in the country where you are -are also 20¢/min. as are calls to the 120 "eligible" countries.  Calls to U.S. are 20¢/min.


                 I don't know anything about the Apple eco system so wouldn't know how you go about setting them for wifi calls.  To make use of the wifi calling feature, you need a TM branded phone.