International data roaming suddenly stopped working




    I'm in China and all of a sudden my data roaming stopped working. It's worked for the past 12 days with occasional, brief hiccups, but now it's been out for at least an hour and something strange (to my uninformed eyes) is happening. It will briefly show "E" (on China Mobile) or "LTE" (on China Unicom) but whenever it does, there is an exclamation point alongside it, and data doesn't work. Then the E/LTE disappear. Then later the E/LTE will show up again, briefly, alongside the exclamation point. Then they disappear again.


    I tried changing the APN based on some Google suggestions, which didn't fix the problem. Is this a network issue in China, or is there something I could be doing to help fix the problem? It's particularly odd to me that it would work so well and then all of a sudden stop.


    Thanks in advance,


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