When does coverage come to Central Vermont?


    I am very frustrated by the continued lack of coverage in Central Vermont, zip 05769 and Middlebury in particular.  Whenever I leave wi-fi I have to use At&T's netw and data roaming and my allotment is next to nothing.  T-mobile says it must place "reasonable restrictions" on partner network use.  I don't consider using my bank app for 10 min (which evidently used 80% of my allotment!) to be "reasonable" or adequate.  It is too expensive for me to purchase a data pass for the three months I reside here each year (with the rest in Washington DC where coverage is strong). I had hoped that there would be improvements in time but it has been several years with no expansion to this area. This situation  is forcing me to consider moving my five lines to a different carrier. Please tell me something will be done to help.

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