Good afternoon, I have owned my phone for about a year and half now and its not working properly i have been paying insurance since i got it, how much would i have to pay for i replacement if i have owned the phone for year and a half  

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      • needle_bites

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        it looks like you don't have answer's for your question yet, I don't know how or what is the procedure of filling an insurance claim as the best option is to call T-Mobile customer care, but maybe you can start here  :  File or Track My Claim | T-Mobile | Assurant Solutions

        when you click on "My Service Fee/Deductible"  you just have to select your phone make and model and  the  type of insurance you have, it will show how much you have to pay. I hope it helps.

        • tmo_chris

          Re: Insurance

          Hey there! If you have insurance on your line and the reason we would need to replace the device is due to some sort of manufacturer defect, we can actually still do a warranty exchange even if you have had it longer than a year What specifically is going on with your phone?

            • aobaldo

              Re: Insurance

              Hi how are you, I accidentally wet my phone and since them the battery life

              is being shorter, the phone gets really hot and the battery just goes

              really quickly, this is without using any type of games or apps just

              regular use I dont know if the phone getting wet has anything to do with

              this but it was the firts time the phone touched water.

              • diazitzel

                Re: Insurance

                can a tmobile gift card be used as payment with assurant


                  • Re: Insurance

                    If it is branded for T-Mobile they can only be used at a T-Mobile store or to make payments on your T-Mobile account or online to buy products and services accessories. If it is a prepaid MasterCard or Visa they can be used however you wish as a debit card.