Can't log in to TMobile app


    I keep getting a message to try again later. Is this an ongoing problem, or with my account?Screenshot_20170410-173822.png


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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: Can't log in to TMobile app

        Hey xoxoyazyxoxo!  I'm sorry about this hiccup - we had some login issues overnight last night.  Were you able to get the app working today? 


        - Marissa

        • tjemartin

          Re: Can't log in to TMobile app

          I am on T-Mobile prepaid (using a Tmobile Samsung On5 phone). I originally was having trouble with accessing this app. It would always crash and I'd get the message "Unfortunately, T-Mobile has stopped".

          I contacted T-Mobile about the problem and they told me to try and access the app on the T-Mobile network only (instead of wifi). I would still
          get the error message. Not sure if this would remedy the situation for anyone else, but it appears to work for me.


          I uninstalled any updates to the T-Mobile app and rolled back to the original version that came pre-installed on my phone. I then cleared the phone's cache, rebooted it. Once rebooted, I disabled wifi, so I was only using my T-Mobile data. I then opened up Google Play and proceeded to download the latest version of the T-Mobile app. I let it install and opened it (all while using mobile data and not wifi). After using the app first time over the T-Mobile network, you should be ok to turn the wifi back on your phone.


          The key is to download and first use of the app must be with T-Mobile data and NOT wifi I never had any connection problems since then with the app. Hopefully this will help others, but YMMV. Good Luck!

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