Bixby Voice Feedback



    I participated in the EAP (beta test) and during that time whenever Bixby went to execute a command, I would get short Voice feedback.  Subsequently, the full roll-out has occurred.  Recently, the Voice Feedback stopped working.  I have tried turning that feature off and then back on; have tried switching to long feedback, as well as clearing caches and wiping partitions -- all to no avail.  I currently am running the following versions of Bixby related Apps:

    * Bixby Global Action:

    * Bixby Home: v1.9.43.4

    * Bixby Service: v1.0.06.0

    * Bixby Voice: v1.0.07.4

    * Samsung Voice Input: v1.0.03.0

    * Voice Wake-up: v1.0.05.6


    Any ideas as to what is going on and what I can do to restore this

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