iPhone SE Slower then android.


    fisrt thing let me say I love that I switch to Apple    however their has been a few bumps on the road since I switched to Apple like poorer internet speeds by far comparing it to Samsung galaxy 3 I did a speed test it was at 6mbps and SE was  struggling at 1.5mbps on rush hour 3-7pm in fresno west county side. Lot of apps that crash a lot more then usual but I got to say I still prefer Apple android is to unstable. I prefer stable then speed. I have a signal  booster, tried switching 4g, 4g Lte still getting average 1.5Mbps everyday for 1 month plus it's only gotten worse my iPhone SE has 128gb way more the the average needs. I still half  available besides apps crashing and data speeds, texting issues sending, call quality problems were it drops, hangs up etc. i don't know if I made a mistake getting SE i hope I can get better services overall eventually. It could  a better experience as a tmobile customer considering I pay over 290 dollars a month. I just wish if am paying that much plus Apple plus on tmobile I get the service I  deserve as a 4g Lte customer not close to dial up speeds. I call numerous times per weeks at customer support they can't help me anymore due to unforeseen date of finalzing towers and it's the main reason for all my issue. So I hope me writing here it gets seen and if anyone else is going through the same thing in California or Fresno county area and what fix can be made. Anything would be great appreciated. I don't have wifi at home so iam lucked out.

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