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    Basically, I ended my account with T-Mobile in February, switched to another carrier. I was told by multiple employees that as long as I made a small payment every week or two until my rebate from new carrier came that the account would remain active. So I was making $10 payments every other week .To my dismay, my account was sent to collections. After this I was sent to billing department who tells me that making small payments is a lie and that if it is not paid in a certain number of days, in full that it goes to collections. 1. All employees should have equal training. 2. A company should stand behind the word of their employees. 3. a person's credit is nothing to play with!  4.  The FCRA of 1970 requires creditors to be candid and forthcoming about their reporting practices and I was lied to and now stuck with a deragotory mark that Tmobile is trying to obviate removing! I'm trying to close on a house and I paid the debt but the collection agency Amsher and T-Mobile are refusing to delete it from my credit report.  I need any help and advise available!

    I need this off my credit report asap.. I noticed kyeshaqueen said she emailed the CEO..what is that email please!



    So I had a "pillar" reply but in a way I couldn't Reply to his reply. He tries to tell me that at the time you close your account the entire balance is due at that moment. First that is a lie, if you are in a contract and you cancel as long as you pay the entire bill for services and/or goods received you DO NOT HAVE TO PAY EARLY CANCELLATION FEES TO ANY PROVIDER OF GOODS OR SERVICES IF YOU WERE NOT SATISFIED WITH SAID GOODS OR SERVICES.


    2nd. He had absolutely no knowledge of the verbage in the FCRA of 1970, which forces a creditor or lender to be both candid and forthright in their collection and reporting of all information regarding consumer credit. Multiple Tmobile employees told me that to keep the account active make small payments while I waited on my rebate from my new carrier and the account would not report late or hit collections, just active. This also violates Deceptive Trade Act . I was given misinformation about Tmobile reporting practices as regarding to account status changing and timing of reporting.

    3. Nor did this "pillar" exhibit any knowledge of the CCA or Consumer Credit Act. So obviously he is sending mindless replies to rack up "pillar points". You must fully disclose your practices and policies in writing and reproduce said policies when asked by a consumer, also see Right to Know Act and it's addendums. Further, he exhibited no understanding as to the absolute requirement of 100% compliance per federal laws and the UCC or Uniform Commercial Code.






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