Hi I purchased three screen protectors from T Mobile at Carolina place and requested the store assistant to apply them on the phones for me she was helpful and said to me she will gladly replace them if it peels off, which it did within a week. For the past three weeks I have been to the store with numerous promises that the manager will call me . I finally got a reply after numerous calls and I am told I now need to claim from the manufacturer this is totally unfair as well as unacceptable I trust management will intervene very disappointed

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        This is really heartbreaking to hear rcnaik.


        Sorry this happened but we do appreciate you coming here to let us know about this. I sent you a private message. Please reply back to that message and I'll make sure I forward that info to our internal folks. Thank you.

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          Technically the store personnel can install an accessory on a phone for you with your permission it's not something they have to do. I'm sure what the rep meant was that if it came off they would apply another one for you. Accessories carry no warranty inside the store and are always referred back to the manufacturer. It is up to the manufacturer at that point to decide whether or not a screen protector peeling off is the result of bad manufacturing with adhesive or design or a fault with some other accessories like a case or cover.

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