Can't send or receive SMS from non T-mobile numbers


    I'm running into a problem that has me and T-mobile support stumped. I added 2 new lines to my account about 2 weeks ago  for my kids. One is on a Samsung S7 edge refurbished from TMO the other is a TMO branded Note 5.

    They cannot send or receive SMS or MMS from non T-mobile numbers but works fine between TMO numbers.

    It's  not the phones because I can put my sim in either of their phones and it works but it doesn't work in my phone.

    We looked in the account a day there's no message blocking or family allowances.



    I have a Google Voice account setup on one just for voicemail and I can send and receive text with the number GV provides but not the TMO number.


    I have a second ticket open but support says it will be a week before they will contact me again with an update.

    Any suggestions?

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