Way to skip contact list to compose new text


    I just got the new Note 8 and there is a slight adjustment to composing new texts that is driving me crazy that I hope someone can help me with. I use Samsungs "Messages" app for all my txt messaging. Always have. Previously if I wanted to compose a new text to a new recipient, I open the app which opens to the list of conversations, I tap the new message button, and I'm in the new message. I'm able to fill the recipient(s) on the top field, and type the message in the bottom field. NOW when you tap the new message button, instead of taking you directly to the new message, it takes me to my contact list, and then I have to tap the "compose" button at the top right. I hate this additional step. Is there a way to make it go right to new message and skip the contact list part?

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