Can i use my text messaging through the site? i forgot my phone at home

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        You can send a text from the web to another phone however it uses a T-Mobile email address. It's probably faster to just send an email to the person until you get your phone back. It would be less complicated.

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          Hey, comogirl12985! I am super familiar with that persistent missing-something feeling you get when you've left your phone at home. I'm sorry that we missed this post initially, and I'm sure (hopefully!) that you and your phone have been reunited by now! That said, if you find yourself in this predicament again, you might want to look into Using DIGITS on your computer to message and call while you're away from your phone. This will definitely be easiest if you can download things on your work computer (the DIGITS web app is a lightweight downloadable client that makes the service much more consistent to use) and if your work doesn't employ heavy corporate firewalls (these have been known to cause latency and connection instability). But it could be the perfect solution, so I just wanted to make sure we shared it!


          - Marissa

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