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    I’ve just purchased a new phone and I just swapped out my old sim from my old phone, and put it in my new phone. Although my new phone came with a SIM card already in it. So my question is, do I have to activate the new one that came with the device, or can I keep the old one?

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        Keep the old one you are fine.  Save the other one in the event your old one tires out(They do go bad once in a while), and you have a spare up until the date listed on it.  Once it is past that date without it being activated it will "retire".  Don't worry once sims are activated they can be used well beyond that date.

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        • magenta3749725

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          yep they are THE WORST ( all the ph companies are). i ordered 2 sims cards over phone to be new customer. i was bringing my own devices. i paid for the sim cards right then with my credit card, why the heck do they need to a credit check and then also be transferred to india, filipines and be asked to repeat all of my personal info and more? theyre not offering me a line of credit. total id theft. .

          rep promised sim cards would arrive in 2 days (i see your story says 5 business days) but rep told me he has worked for tmobile for 17 yrs thus i thought he knew the procedure. sim cards did not arrive on day promised, nor day after. i never received receipt, or tracking # or order confirmation email.

          loathe calling reps, that stupid 5 high pitched rapid ding that kills your brain, then that grating robot voice "HOold on" who asks you to enter # and if you don't have one to say "i don't have one" which i kept saying but he kept going in circles. such an effed up company.

          then i finally somehow reach rep who says order will arrive in 10 days via ups. ups does NOT take that long and they could send in usps envelope , same delivery time.

          rep never apologized nor replied when i said that is too late. i suggested they ship them overnight with fedex. no answer. that is what a bank does if you need new credit card.

          i reported the fraudulent charge and security breach/id theft to my bank.

          EFF TMOBILE! i'm sure i wouldn't get coverage anyway, your map is a lie too of course.

          they charge for sim cards because they know everyone will shut off service the first day when they realize there is no coverage. also it's $20 to activate a sim card in store. $0 to activate yourself over phone, which i'm sure would not go smoothy either.

          trump please kill off these evil companies. they are bad hombres.

          think i'll get an $8 lifeline landline for home only.