HELP! How to get my old carrier phones paid?


    I recently switched from AT&T to T Mobile and the rep on the phone told me that since I currently had 4 NEXT phones on installments they would be paid off as long as I got at least 4 phones on installments through T Mobile. So I ported 8 numbers over from AT&T and added 1 new line through T Mobile for a total of 9 lines...we bought 6 new phones on installments through T Mobile and just got SIM cards for the other 3.


    I got the info needed to have those 4 AT&T NEXT phones paid off and logged in and it said something like pick which lines you want to apply for payment of but only 3 of my lines were listed and only one of those listed had a NEXT plan on it. What do I need to do to get my 4 NEXT phones paid off?

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