Prepaid 50 unlimited North America plan charges 10 cents/msg to Canada!!


    Why has my prepaid "$50 NA UNL. TT & Data (2GB 4G LTE)" plan started charging me for calls and texts to Canada??


    Does anyone else have this problem? Started in September.



    Have had the prepaid plan for 2+ years now. Was working great until September this year.

    Called CS who said my prepaid account has to carry a balance in order for this feature to work.

    I never heard of that, and it's not in the "fine print" anywhere.

    Stopped in at Tmobile store, got them to call their tech support hotline. Spent 2 hrs doing "network tests" and trouble shooting. They added a small amount to the account, and suddenly things worked again! Woah!? Say what? I'm being charged for texts to Canada on an unlimited plan??

    They assured me it was not supposed to be that way. Since a) the account was active in good standing and b) calls texts and data within the US and *from* Canada were working just fine.

    After the in-store tech help, things worked for a bit... until the balance was drained again! So I added $10 and watched as the balance dropped by 10 cents for every text to Canada...

    Showed the tech support folks via twitter... Promised to look into it. Getting now where...


    Any ideas??

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