Tired after just 4 days with T Mobile


    It's been 4 days since I switched from Verizon. I had a promotion issue and opened a thread regarding it Monday.  I was on facebook support chat for over 3 hours and couldn't get it resolved.

    Monday night, I go home and my daughter's brand new iPhone on a brand new T Mobile contract has no internet access.  I get on the support line over the phone this time and complained to someone in India (with alot of noise in the background).  Her English wasn't easy to understand and it took about 15 minutes to get internet access back on the phone.

    Today (Wednesday), I have no internet connection.  Behavior on my phone wasn't the same as my daughter's iPhone.  I have Note 8 and when I tried to use anything that connects to the internet, it would go to this url u.web2go.com that tells me my data plan does not work on this device, please sign up for a new data plan.  I signed up for unlimited plan and today is the 4th day on the plan.  I spent a good 4-5 hours on either facebook, this support site, and on the phone with TMobile.  Customer support guy told me the data has been added back to my account and asked me to restart my phone.  At first, I thought I'd restart and get my internet access back, so I did restart and there still was no internet.  But wait a minute here.  Why did he have to add data back to my account?  This is turning to be a bad experience switching to TMobile.

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      • notsatisfied10162017

        This is not funny. I got the internet access back and here's what the guy wrote on facebook messenger.


        That's really good question. I took a look at the memos and see you worked with Angie earlier. She noticed you had a $10.00 ONE Plus data feature and you asked her to remove it as you never wanted this additional feature. She may have forgot to add the free data feature that comes with your rate plan.

        I just added the free feature so you have data access. Sorry to hear this didn't work. Let's figure out why this is happening.

        • nelfar212

          Welcome let me start by saying I'm customer like you and I don't work for T-Mobile. I've been with tmo for 10 years. T-mobile has come along way. let me be the 1st to tell you T-Mobile mission statement is to provide us with excellent customer service, with that, do understand TMO has a tiered customer svc dept and each level reps have different authority to remedy issues, and escalation issues need higher approval. So if you ever have an issue that the call center reps can't fix(and it's not that they don't want to, they just don't have the authority in some cases)  asked to be escalated up especially being a new customer. Also don't hesitate to call and ask questions about plans and upcoming promotions sometimes I'll call two or three times. to ensure I have the most accurate info. In my time with T-Mobile there has never been an issue they could not resolve. Just recently I had an issue with ordering the BOGO Note 8 which cause a mess, they fixed took a week and for my trouble I was compensated in the form of bill credits. So yes, I'm a very happy TMO customer, If you have questions don't hesitate to ask, The rep joked with me yesterday saying I should come work for them with all the knowledge I have of TMO's practices... For the amount of money I spend I make sure I'm informed.. Sprint and AT&T will never get another dime from me, Verizon wanted too much deposits from me $400 each line, X5 $2000 plus cost of the phones.