How to get binge on to work?


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    Has there been any instances of binge on actually working? It seems like I have yet to hear a success story of this feature actually existing? I am having the same problem and looking to see what I need to do to solve this. I don't see why I have to contact tech support. Its much easier to just type here instead of being on hold. I am sure T-mobile customer reps look at these forums. I have yet to see anyone anywhere post a solution to this problem. Hopefully t-mobile isn't just advertising a bogus feature that actually is unavailable.


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    The way binge works in tmobile systems is that you have to have some of your 6gb available to binge, your data is still calculated and it will show what the usage is for what ever binge app u are using, but it doesnt count towards your 6gb data bucket, the only usage that is coming out of ur actual 6gb is the adds. Binge is not made for a smart tv or a internet stick like roku, neo or chrome cast, but can be tethered to a tablet.


    Can anyone explain how to actually get this to work in any instance? I am pretty flexible on what device I am using, I just need one happy path other than only using my phone for steraming. I need to be able to teather.


    My exact testing situation:

    I tried using my tethering to my smart tv. I don't want to hear the BS that it was updating because my smart tv can't download an update and play streaming content at the same time. I started watching a amazon prime video on the tv teathered to my phone and after a short time, I got a warning that I was close to reaching my 4gb limit of high speed data. I then turned off the tv and looked to see exactly when the data was used. It was used at the same time I was watching amazon prime. No other devices were tethered to my phone at that time.


    So my real question still exists, how has anyone actually gotten this feature to work with any tethering? Did they actually verify in the testing phase of implementation of this feature that it actually can be used for tethering? I read in the feature documentation that it should work. Also can I get my data reset so I don't reach my cap here soon?


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        Hey, jwewan! I'm sorry for the delay in our reply here; and super sorry for any confusion about tethering with Binge On. The person whose reply you pasted from /Reddit is correct -- it won't work with a SmartTV. We call out in our Binge On support document that as far as Binge On with tethering is concerned, tethering options are limited to certain devices.


        "Streaming video from included Binge On participants never touches your high-speed data allotment if you're tethering from a smartphone, tablet, or mobile internet device to a laptop, desktop, tablet, or handset. Other devices aren't currently supported."


        My understanding is that the interfaces of smart TVs and streaming sticks modify the data in a variety of ways so it's not easily recognizable by our system. That said, have you had a chance to try to tether your phone to another phone or a laptop or tablet? If you're doing so and still have concerns that the feature isn't working, we would want you to reach out to a team with account access so that we can review the data on the back end and get a ticket filed if needed. I totally understand not wanting to wait on the line -- if you're active on social media, our T-Force team on FB and Twitter have secure methods to verify your account and can take a peek!

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          I have been using this thread to post replies. Binge on not working  It looks like I got it working. I still have more testing to do to make it more usable. I just wish TMobile had a step by step guide to get it to work. I feel like I am making one for them.

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            If you are tethering and your smart TV is not streaming at 480P or lower it will count towards your data. That's what the problem is.  Some app makers don't even give you the option to change it's streaming content.  I have a 4K TV and netflix since I have to highest plan it forces all my streams to be 4K or over 720P when possible.  I can't force Netflix to go to 480P or lower.