BOGO offer for iPhone 8+


    I'm currently on T-Mobile prepaid plan and want to avail the BOGO offer for iPhone 8/8+. As part of that, I will convert my current plan to postpaid and also get a new postpaid line.

    What I understand from the offer is, I need to pay the down payment(if needed) and rest of the amount will be on EIP. Within 6-8 weeks i'll receive a prepaid/credit/debit card with the money value of one of the iPhone, using which I can just go to any T-mobile shop/online and pay off one phone.


    My question is: If I pay off the remaining balance amount for the other phone at the same time, can I get out of T-mobile anytime thereafter? Even on the same day? Is there any time limit that i need to spend under T-mobile? Or is there any penalty for that?

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