Update caused battery drain


    I purchased the s7 edge on March 12th. On March 18th the security update was pushed to my phone. Over that day I noticed a huge decline in battery power! I chalked it up to doing the update earlier that day. I charged my phone like normal that night. Unplugged it around 8:30 the next morning and by noon the battery was down to 60% with very very light usage. A couple texts and about 20 min Facebook.  By 3 it was down to 40 % and by 7 it was 10%. Prior to the update I'd unplug at 7:00 a.m. use the phone pretty heavily all day... Texts, email, video, Facebook by 9:00 in the evening it would be about 40% left.  Two days after the update (the second day battery drain was even worse) I took the phone to tmobile to see if they had reports of this issue. (btw I did do partition cache wipe thinking it may had been a rogue setup file or something. No change) Anyway, since the update was only 2 days prior they hadn't had anyone with the problem. They looked over the phone did some checking of their own,  called cs for advice and came to the conclusion to exchange the phone being I was in the 14 day window. BTW while at the store the store manager who was helping me saw the battery drain 40% while it just sat on the counter.

    I now have the new phone but now that same security update is nagging me to install it.  How can I get rid of the notifications? I am really afraid to try the update again on my new phone. My phones battery life is amazing! I get way over 24 hrs on a single charge. I don't want to screw that up and end up with a battery drain faster then my s6 edge had.

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      • nikkiekoala@gmail.com

        So no one knows how to get rid of the nag screen for the tmobile update? There is no way I'm running the update and risk loosing battery life again.

        • atlguy

          Re: Update caused battery drain

          i also experienced the same symptoms right after installking this update today. i normally use my phone heavily all day and only charge in the evening and when i sleep. now my phone goes from 100% to 15% within an hour and thats with light use. i can see the battery draining before my eyes. i have done nothing different except install this update. even lowered brightness to half of what it usually is and same thing. now ive charged my phone 5 times within the last 5 hours to about 30% and its dead.thank you tmobile . ill be switching service and phones from here on out. there is also the issue of not being able to ignore this update . also why was my gallery app changed. now the font is small and black on a dark background to where i cant tell whats what

          • |ostsou|

            Re: Update caused battery drain

            Disable Facebook and delete all apps that you can use the internet for...trust me

            • magenta1712677

              Same unfortunate problem is happening to me after installing the update. I used to be able to go all day without having to charge the battery but now i have to charge it mid day just to keep up with my moderate use. Anybody knows how to uninstall that update till t-mobile can fix their mistake? Lately t-mobile has been messing up with my services and im sure if I call or go into the store they are gonna mess with my plan again and give even a bigger headache.

              • sslman71

                Re: Update caused battery drain

                I had to uninstall mcafee security app, because that caused battery drain for my s7 edge really bad. As soon as I uninstalled it, it went back to average 2 days battery. It was draining as fast as 1% every 5 minutes with mcafee from t-mobile. Not sure if that is what you have on the phone but it really did bad for my phone like having a cold or virus on the phone. I figured since there is knox on samsung phones, why need mcafee? Also google play scans apps as they are installed too.