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    I am a new T-Mobile customer and was trying to take advantage for the BOGO IPhone deal over the thanksgiving holiday and I found a promo code STUDENT17 that would offer additional saving ($100 rebate card and free activation $25) if the order was place via telesales 844.786.2964. I tried to place my order 3 time via telesales and all three times my order was canceled with no apparent reason the phone rep could give me and my SS# was block from placing further orders for at least the next 30 days. so I had to go to my local store and place my order but could not use my promo code STUDENT17.


    What can be done by T-Mobile to mediate this problem??.

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      • tmo_lauren

        Re: Promo code STUDENT17

        Unfortunately I don't have the best news. It appears this isn't a direct T-Mobile offer, rather an offer by a separate retailer. It is a legitimate offer from what I can find, but the activation is required to go through them to get the offer as it's not T-Mobile making the offer.


        I'm glad we were able to get your service started, but any issues with the activation and rebate offer would have to go directly through the number you posted as it wasn't an offer by us.