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Coverage in 87102 and 87123


    Zip: 87102 and 87123

    I made sure I asked about VoLTE coverage when I purchase the device approx 3 weeks ago; they continually told me I would get it on my S8+ only to find out via a senior tech that they don't support my device


    - I don't receive calls typically and if I do, my line cuts out on them or just gets completely quiet; I've essentially given up on making calls using my phone

    - I rely on wifi calling but cannot use this at work and this is unstable naturally


    What were the other questions?

    I would LOVE to get this resolved

    I had this issue when I first got service with Tmobile three years ago; I find it ironic that I get a new phone and the same things happen

    I'm not one to complain. I truly want this fixed

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      • liv0123

        Re: Coverage in 87102 and 87123

        This starting occurring approximately 4 days after receiving my device btw.

        My phone lit up next to me and the device notification stated I had been switched to wifi calling spontaneously

        - Also, they issued me a new number although I specified I wanted to keep my old phone #. Now, my contacts are seriously confused as to how to reach me

        - I just want to use my new phone and not be reliant on wifi; I work 12 hours a day minimum and they don't allow us access to wifi as it's a tech environment and they need it secured (no one taking pics of customer info, etc and certainly no use of wifi- every precaution is taken)

        In turn, I'm completely reliant on cellular usage only and worry daily about if I have an accident, etc or someone has an emergency and needs to get ahold of me

        • tmo_marissa

          Re: Coverage in 87102 and 87123

          Hey there! Your work environment sounds like one where access to the network is super important! I took a look at the two ZIP codes you provided and although the coverage might vary slightly across the span of either area, overall it does look like we'd expect good coverage in both locations. I'm confused as to why one of our tech specialists would advise that we don't support that device -- is your S8+ T-Mobile branded, or is it an unlocked device?


          - Marissa

            • liv0123

              Re: Coverage in 87102 and 87123

              I work in tech support myself for a global company; therefore, they want no electronics in our work area to keep customers' privacy secure and safe. But, that's not the issue


              As for branded and/or unlocked, I purchased my device through Tmobile and had Tmobile service previously


              I don't see why I'm having an issue with service either....I've tried everything.


              Just today, a call finally got through to my home but on wifi calling only and the call broke up in between. Good thing my doctor's office had the patience to wait for the connection to get back ....


              I dunno what to do at this point, but again, I see no VoLTE coverage option on my phone either. I'd be happy with stable, basic coverage. I'm paying for no service currently or "take your chances" service" and I pay for the highest priced plan....

              But again, no one can assist

                • tmo_marissa

                  Re: Coverage in 87102 and 87123

                  Definitely can understand the need for security in your field! Since you mentioned that your device was working for the first few days in your office and suddenly stopped, I'm wondering if this issue might be isolated to your phone, or if there's a network concern at this address that we simply aren't aware of at this time. Do you have any colleagues with T-Mobile service? If so, are their devices no longer receiving signal as well?


                  - Marissa

              • liv0123

                Re: Coverage in 87102 and 87123

                Hi there,

                It's at home where the network coverage is poor or rather, mostly void/non-existent via cellular; I'm dependent on wi-fi to receive calls and  initiate them. Therefore, there's no one at work that I'd ask as it's not applicable there.
                I've spoken with techs regarding the tower they state is nearest to me (approx 3 miles away, I believe, per the tech?), and they stated they're not sure if that's close enough to get proper coverage and couldn't confirm.



                It's now mid-March and I haven't had coverage since last year. Basically, I've given up on relying on cell coverage at home; I just wish I had the security of knowing I have stable, cell coverage for innumerable reasons, including those related to safety concerns .
                The irony is that when I check my data usage for cellular, it shows a fair amount considering I'm unable to use it at home and it's rare that I make any calls in general, much less at work in which devices are not allowed . I'm wondering where those figures are derived from.  The only positive is that it's not enough to add up to 2 GB's but it gets close, so I've been eligible for the kickback incentive for 2 months. I use loads of data....up to 50 GB's a month via Wi-fi but usually around the 21-30 range. I stream/cast content from my phone to my TV at home, so that in and of itself, uses lots, and it proves that Wi-fi is covering me at home, not cellular, or I'd easily be way over the 2 GB max, kickback mark . Also, if my phone encounters issues  with wi-fi connectivity which has been happening often lately, I cannot access anything on my device; everything comes to a halt. My device is useless.

                Maybe the cellular usage is showing at home due to intermittent coverage it attempts to pick up from the tower nearest me, and I'm unaware of it attempting such?
                I would say it's being used while at work, but it's a rare occasion that I use my device at work or have the time to, even on breaks or my lunch....



                So,, not sure what to do. I pay for coverage each month I don't receive; however, I'm tired of wasting my time and everyone else's trying to fix an issue I feel simply cannot be so and wish a tech would be transparent with me and let me know the reality of the tower situation in relation to me receiving no cell coverage.  I can handle it and make a decision from there.
                On another note, if I received even moderate coverage at my home or in the near area, I couldn't recommend T Mobile enough. I think the price is fair as long as the customer receives quality coverage, care, and support . I'd be one of your greatest promoters!

                  • dragon1562

                    Re: Coverage in 87102 and 87123

                    I just wanted to ask what service is like at the home? If it is even one bar you could get a repeater to boost service inside. You could also look into a cell spot if wifi calling is not sufficient. Sorry, I know this topic has been drawn out and what I am proposing are just band-aid fixes but I am sure service will improve eventually. I would call in as well and file a ticket just so its on the books.

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                    • tmo_marissa

                      Re: Coverage in 87102 and 87123

                      Hey, liv0123. I know it's been some time since your original post, but I wanted to check back in here and see if you'd had a chance to file a ticket with our Tech team, as dragon1562 mentioned. I totally understand the request for clarity about the expected signal in any given area -- and the ticket process will get the question to our engineering team, who are equipped to reply with more specificity than our frontline in regards to environmental limitations or antenna direction, and any other number of variables that can impact service. If you haven't yet, I think that Contacting Us is your best bet.