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    Okay, so 3 days ago I purchased Unlocked Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (Originally it's from T-Mobile) from a private seller near my town and everything is still new the charger and earphones are still sealed, and the seller said it's already paid off and not blacklisted or whatnot so I checked the IMEI in Swappa and IMEIPro and it confirmed that the phone is not blacklisted and clean. So I've been using the device for couple days now with my T-Mobile Simcard and so far it's working properly, I can make calls and send text messages. Earlier, I talked to one of the agents of T-Mobile Customer Support and the agent confirmed that there is, in fact, an unpaid bill that he must pay and if he chose not to pay the unpaid bill, the T-Mobile will blacklist the phone. I tried to talk to the seller and it seems like he is ignoring my messages on purpose, and now my question is if I can pay the unpaid bill of the phone so that T-Mobile will not blacklist the phone that I purchased, also if it's possible to trade-in if the phone is blacklisted if I'm planning to buy a new one from T-Mobile. And is it possible to remove the blacklist the phone if the owner decided to pay his remaining bills after months or years of not paying? I'd really appreciate your reply guys, thank you!

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      • nelfar212

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        Please tell my you got a great deal on this phone, Never, ever purchase a phone from an unreliable source. EBay, amazon, or a random person. Your situation is precisely why;If TMO is threating to blacklist the IMEI is because the device is "NOT" paid off, and is still on EIP.

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          • iestabillo

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            Yes, I consider it as a great deal since the unit is still new, no scratch or hairlines still covered with the plastic and all of its accessories are still sealed. Well, the thing is he is still selling 2 more phones because I saw his ad on the website, which I presume are still unpaid. He is probably gonna scam 2 more people soon, it's just a matter of time that they'll realize that they messed up. This is the risk when buying 2nd hand phones instead of buying it from the legit stores.

          • snn555

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            Unfortunately you cannot pay off the other person's Bill and you cannot trade it in if it is unpaid and or blacklisted. You'll need to get your money back and file a claim with whichever service you used to buy that phone.  Online IMEI Checkers are normally not correct. Anytime you buy a used phone or one that is not new that you purchased or came from the store you should contact that carrier to check its number.

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            • barcodeable

              Re: Blacklisted Note 8

              i was planning on purchasing a wifi hotspot that i saw on Ebay and have it as a backup device when/if ever my original device stopped working. But after reading about your ordeal, I have decided to not make that purchase and save myself from getting in the same situation you are in now.


              Thank You for sharing your experience on this Forum.

              And I'm sorry you were swindled from a dishonest salesman.

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              • tmo_marissa

                Re: Blacklisted Note 8

                Hey there, iestabillo. I'm so sorry to read about the situation that you're in. There are a few different types of IMEI blocks that a carrier may place on branded equipment -- sometimes it's for an unsatisfied device balance, sometimes it's because the equipment's been reported lost or stolen. This tool can help: IMEI Status Check but it may not report recent IMEI blocks, so it still can't function as a guarantee.

                For legal reasons, we're not able to discuss or release the particulars of another person's account unless they've provided explicit permission for us to do so by adding you as an authorized user to their account. Because of this, we are only able to assist the party who originally financed the equipment with settling a balance owed. It's a huge bummer that this person is selling more devices -- I'm not sure which system you used to purchase it, but if there's an admin or mod I would definitely consider reporting the user you bought from if you can, so that they don't take advantage of anyone else this way.
                Best wishes to you, and thank you again for being willing to pay someone else's balance -- I'm sorry that you're in this position in the first place, and that we're not able to facilitate that.


                - Marissa