Problems with Samsung S8


    , I have been a T-mobile customer for several years, and I have not experienced so many problems until I upgraded in April 2017 to the Samsung S8, just a few months after I purchased the phone, it started to not charge like it supposed to. So I took it to the store and they replaced it. Since then I have received another refurbished phone and still was having the same issue, contact customer care and replaced it again. Now is going on the 3rd time, my phone went dead on 12/28/17 and would not charge, did the normal troubleshooting steps, tired different chargers as well as wireless charger and still to would not even turn on, due to battery is completely dead and not recognizing a charge, contacted tech support last night spoke with a supervisor, and all they can do is send me another replacement phone, which I am going to be without a phone for total of 5 days, and all they can do is give me a 10.00 credit off my bill.  I find this unacceptable, customer service seems like all they can do is keep replacing the phone with no resolution, the supervisor even contacted Samsung to see if there was a known problem, but they just wanted me to send my phone in to them directly and I would still be without a phone for who know how long, and then wanted me to pay 50.00 for a loaner, which I am not going to do.  I feel my time and my service is not recognized, and I have never called in as much as I have called within the last 6 months. I thought maybe taking this a step higher maybe will help, since the other phones are sent to a warehouse and sit there until its refurbished again to someone else, how would Samsung be aware of such issue if it is never reported or if the phone is not shipped to them for testing. So have also emailed people higher up, what am I suppose to do, keep getting replacements, and the only way to get a different model phone is to upgrade, I find this hard to believe that no one else is having problems. I will continue to email, call until I am satisfied or compensated accordingly.

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