Changing from simple choice to tmobile one?


    I currently have a grandfathered simple choice plan 4 lines for about $120.  This includes a 15% off employer discount through the tmobile advantage program.  I'm considering switching to the tmobile one plan but discussions online give inconsistent answers on whether the 15% off discount applies to the tmobile one plan.  Can someone verify through personal experience whether you receive an employer discount with the tmobile one plan?  If you do receive the discount, do you get the % off the total bill of $160?  On my current plan, the 15% off is only applied towards plan charges and not taxes/fees but as the new tmobile one plan is tax included, how does the % off work?

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      • snn555

        There is no employer discount on the T-Mobile one plans.  But for 160 total including taxes and fees for 4 lines you're getting a lot more add-ons and features then you would get on Just A Simple Choice plan.


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          • miket

            Re: Changing from simple choice to tmobile one?

            What do you get other than more fast data?  

            We have 6 lines under SC.  Total w. taxes is less than $160.  I think I figured TM One would be at least $200.   Since no one uses much more than 1G of data, don't see advantage.  The "slow" data has worked for us overseas.  I don't think you can tether overseas on TM ONE either.

              • snn555

                Re: Changing from simple choice to tmobile one?

                First pic is ONE

                2nd ONE Plus

                3rd ONE Plus International


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                  • miket

                    Re: Changing from simple choice to tmobile one?

                    Thanks for post.

                    When I went to TM siite for more details, saw this:


                    How Does KickBack work?

                    KickBack pays you back for data you don’t use. If your total monthly data usage on any line (on device & tethering) is 2GB or less and you pay on time, we will credit you up to $10 per line on your next bill (you must remain active & in good standing when the credit is applied; credit on your final bill may be prorated). If your line price is less than $10, your KickBack™ would bring your net line price down to $0 (If you’re on a plan where taxes aren’t included, you’d still pay taxes and fees). Unlimited 55+ lines are not eligible for Kickback. KickBack is available on voice and tablet lines. You can view data usage for your current plan on the T-Mobile app or by dialing #web# and selecting the “total on-network data” amount. If you enroll in KickBack, we will also notify you if you are getting close to 2GB of data usage.


                       Since none of our lines exceeds even 1Gig a month - that means we'd be paying $60 less than the posted rate for our 6 lines.  The site only gives the rate up to 4 lines.  ($40/line).   I'll need to call in to see what 6 TM lines cost. 

                      My question is - why doesn't everyone choose this option?  Is there any downside?  Kickback is only available on T ONE plans.

              • nelfar212

                I'm currently on the North American Simple Choice Family match promo,

                $150 4 Lines Unlimited Talk, Text and 4G LTE Smartphone Data, and "14gb Lte Mobile Hotspot".

                the hotspot feature is what keeps me on this plan, I have cut the cord with my cable ISP saving me $$$.

                The only streaming service that causes me issues is Hulu when tethered to my X-box one.

                I use Plax, Netflix, Vudu, You Tube and Sling box daily with zero issues


                I cannot justify paying the extra $25/$10 per line x5  .and even if I were on TMO One, I wouldn't do auto-pay. The only way I'd switch if the unlimited data is incorporated in the standard rate plan.   And, The TMO advantage discount does not apply to TMO One rate plans

                  • barcodeable

                    [For informational purposes] I wanted to clarify that due to you having the Unlimited Plan... you are also eligible for the $3.99 Vudu credits for each of your unlimited lines for having bingeOn activated and also Napster $4.99 monthly value of unRadio for each of your unlimited lines. That's $35.92 every month in extra available magenta perks just for staying on your current plan .


                    How awesome is that?

                      • nelfar212

                        barcodeable yes, sir. I currently take advantage off al the perks. plus the 15% off with my military/government discount. I agree sir, pretty awesome!!!

                        No other carrier comes close to the value the simple choice plan. I was hesitant at 1st when the SC plan came out because I was on the loyalty plan, it was great plan but the SC plan by far is tmo best value plan, TMO is the best value plan available to new customers.