Simple Question Customer Service Reps fail to answer Unanimously


    Is the Alcatel A30 Tablet in stock?


    12/17/17 Customer service rep says the Alcatel A30 tablet is in stock but says i could avoid paying shipping if i go to a store and i can walk out of the     store with an activated device the same very day.


    12/18/17 Store Manager says they are out of stock in their store, but they are in stock online. They will credit my account $7 dollars to cover shipping cost and I will receive the device by mail in a few days.


    12/19/17 Customer service rep says my Alcatel A30 Tablet is on backorder, they are out of stock.


    12/19/17 T-Force says the Alcatel A30 Tablet is out of stock and my order is on backorder.


    12/20/17 Customer Service rep says the Alcatel A30 Tablet is in stock.


    The Alcatel A30

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      • barcodeable

        (continuation) Although the Alcatel A30 Tablet is in stock, my device order remains on back order .

        • tmo_amanda

          Hey, barcodeable!


          Long time no chat! That's a bummer to hear about your tablet order status. I wish I had the ability to look up inventory status and provide more insight of what's going on. As to why they're both providing different status', I don't know why that's happening. Without having account access, I can't be sure when the Alcatel A30 will be in stock.

          • barcodeable

            The Alcatel A30 i ordered on the "This one's on us" promo has been shipped (finally). I am expected to receive it Wednesda. I checked and noticed it's nolonger being offered as a free tablet on the T-Mobile website. So basically T-Mobile waited till the promotion had ended before they shipped the devices.

              • nelfar212

                barcodeable, I thought of getting one, just because it was free. I decided not too because I went back and forth with the CSR's over the SIM charge.

                I have so many extra sims, I didn't want to pay for another one. Do you know if they charged you for a sim card. tmo_Amanda question, I have 8 lines of service, why am I prevented from browsing Tablet/wearable's online?  At some point I may want to upgrade my Samsung Tab S 10.1 and my Samsung gear S.   

                  • barcodeable

                    I have 5 voice lines and 5 Mobile Internet Lines... I noticed I am capable of upgrading all of my voicelines if i wanted to, but as for my mobile internet lines --> there is a notation to contact customer care to upgrade. Not sure why that is the case, because November 2016 I upgraded 2 of my mobile internet lines online with no help from a rep. But after the T-Mobile One was unleashed then there was change, and now for sone reason I need help to upgrade. I think, this is a way for them to advertise the "T-Mobile One Plan" to you and "help you" save money on your bill.

                      • nelfar212

                        Lol thanks, Barcodeable,  yea there is no way I'm coming off my current plan. I'm in the same boat I can upgrade or shall I say, make changes to my plan features online same way you did. I can't look an pricing options for tablets/wearable's, I may wait for the next round of  smart watch promos, I like the look of the gear S compared to S2/S3, not having LTE on my watch makes having my wearable line useless and I do have a bone to pick with TMO about that granted it only cost me $60 a year for the line but I can't use it due to TMO no longer supporting the BAND's it TX/RX on. I do think TMO should offer us discounted upgrades due the device not working on network because the signal bands have been repurposed. .

                      • tmo_amanda

                        barcodeable, I'm happy to hear that it's finally on its way. I find it interesting that it shipped almost immediately after the promo was over.


                        nelfar212, that's a good question. Believe it or not, I have the same issue.  I don't believe it's due to your account status or anything like that. If I had to take a guess, it's probably just My T-Mobile acting up. I recommend having T-Force or CARE file a ticket with our Engineers on your behalf to have them see why you can't "shop" for tablets while logged in.

                    • barcodeable

                      Technically I was charged for the simcard when I visited the T-Mobile store. But, the day prior to that, I called the customer service line to order the free tablet and was encouraged to go Instore to avoid shipping charges. I explained they will upcharge me for a simcard, so the representative added a $20 credit to cover the upcharge the store will impose on me. (The next day) @ the store I was charged the $20 upcharge and due to them being out of stock of the tablet they added $7.99 credit to my account and ordered one to be shipped to my house .


                      So actually I only payed $7.23 in taxes for the tablet . NO SHIPPING & NO UPCHARGE