International unlocked Note 8 SM-N950F/DS wi-fi calling voLTE compatibility


    I recently purchased an unlocked international maple gold note 8 (SM-N950F/DS) because Samsung decided not to release that color in the US (also the exynos chip is much better) and I've always wanted to purchase an unlocked phone for less bloatware, I've done some reading that it should theoretically be compatible with wi-fi calling and voLTE but I'm not finding this to be true, I called t-mobile to update my IMEI to see if that would help and I've also manually updated the APN information. The service seems fast but it does go from 4g to 4g+ also when I receive a call it usually goes to 3g but audio quality isn't compromised. Is it possible to enable these features with flashing a t-mobile ROM, or am I out of luck on this issue?? 

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