T-Mobile closed my prepaid account by mistake and how to get my money back?


    T-Mobile customer service closed my prepaid account by mistake and can't re-activate it. How to get my money back?

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      • snn555

        How did T-Mobile close your account without your permission? Prepaid accounts are not pro-rated and no refunds are given.

          • magenta3790337

            It's because of T-Mobile's terrible customer service.


            I can’t find my phone all of sudden and was worried that it may get lost. So I called T-Mobile customer service and asked for a temporary hold on the account. When I was still on the phone with the customer service representative, my phone was found! So I told her that she doesn’t need to do anything.  But I noticed that the phone was already out of service. So I asked her to put it back to normal. She tried several times but it still didn’t work. Then she hung up the phone and I was disconnected.


            I called back right away and was told  the account was deactivated and there’s a note in the account saying “Customer insisted deactivate this account!” which is obviously not true. I had this account for around 10 years and have $85 on the account. Why I want to cancel it?! I called several times.  Every time my call was transferred to prepaid department, it was hung up right away after I explained the situation.


            At last, I asked the lady in the store transfer me to the complain department directly and she said she would help me and stay online with me. If anyone hangs up, she can reconnect for me. She helped to find a person but  I was told that he can't get my balance back as the account was already forfeited.


            I was very disappointed and frustrated with my T-Mobile experience. Every time I made request, the customer service either hung up or did the opposite to my request. I do have several other lines (not prepaid) with T-Mobile and thinking of transferring them to different service provider.


            Before pursing legal help, I'd like to check here first to see if I can get my money back.

              • snn555

                You're probably going to have to go much higher on the food chain to resolve this issue as because the phone number was not supported and was cancelled it may or may not be available in the pool of numbers anymore. Also to get money back it's going to be a bit of an issue because it's prepaid. I'm not saying that you don't deserve to have your number and money reinstated because if you lose a device the account itself should not be cancelled only that the phone should be locked down and blacklisted. It sounds as if T-Mobile sees it as a prepaid account and canceled it rather than actually hearing what the issue at hand was. However again we've only got one side of the story and we don't all know what was said between both parties. However hopefully you find a peaceful resolution.

                  • magenta3790337

                    I was able to get my plan and original phone number back. I will file on small claim court if necessary, not just for money, but justice.

                      • snn555

                        Well I'm glad you were able to get your money and your plan back however I don't believe there is a fight for justice here because that complaint has now been resolved. Again anytime you call in to report a phone stolen that phone is going to be deactivated. And in the case of a prepaid plan is quite possible that because you have to get a new sim and start service over every time you get a new prepaid device that the plan was rightfully deactivated. And whenever a plan is deactivated if your phone number has not been ported then you lose that number. Again prepaid plans work completely different than postpaid plans.


                        The point here is again that a prepaid device every time it's changed gets a new SIM card when you upgrade. If you lose a device you have to get a new phone and get a new sim restart the month over.  Also prepaid plans are not pro-rated and there are no refunds.


                        Like I said it's all fixed now just go on about your life no need to make some more waves it's just more hassle than it's going to be worth.