Email-to-SMS is not working


    Hi we are running a application which sends notification as email-to-sms. For t-mobile receipients notifications are getting bounced while for ATT & Verizon its working fine.

    here is the error log on our mail server


    to=<>,[]:25, delay=2.7, delays=0/0/0.49/2.2, dsn=5.0.0, status=bounced (host[] said: 550 permanent failure for one or more recipients ( Rejecting for Sender Policy Framework) (in reply to end of DATA command))


    Our domain has SPF record and other checks inline. I suspect something is at t-mobile mail server which is blocking messages.

    Any one has any context on this.






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      • tmo_chris

        Re: Email-to-SMS is not working

        Hey there! It is totally possible that the messages are being blocked. Due to the high level of spam we have seen with, we have some pretty strict filters. Please contact us so our tech support teams can open up a trouble ticket for you so we can get this sorted.

        • avatar42

          Re: Email-to-SMS is not working

          How about a user editable white list for from addresses? Seriously if you keep bouncing notifications from my work and and home security system I'm going to have to change carriers.

            • srickar

              Re: Email-to-SMS is not working

              Anti-spam controls are dynamically updated based on spam trends. Spam filters must screen messages from millions of domains at the global level, so automation blocking is never personal or intentional. Whitelisting cannot be performed at the network level, because of shared network ISP resources between legitimate and spam domains.  Please send me a D.M. and I can investigate the sending address that's failing to deliver. Thanks.

            • magenta6437973

              Re: Email-to-SMS is not working

              hello there


              my company sends us text messages thru this SMS email address but looks like it is not working..

              how can we get it to work ? why is Tmobile blocking it ? thanks

              • peakay

                Re: Email-to-SMS is not working

                Hey there, I just wanted to echo this and say that the email to text is not working at all.  I am just a consumer, but use this feature to have gmail send me alerts.  It used to work, but now fails and I missed an important notification recently that *REALLY* sucked.


                why is this not working and when can it be fixed?  I really on this (or used to) extensively for both my work gmail and personal gmail.


                thank you.

                • magenta3627089

                  Re: Email-to-SMS is not working

                  IF YOU ARE A TDAmeritrade customer and doing active stock and or ETF trading, T-Mobile is not for you. I have worked for a week with both parties and TDAmeritrade is having success with account notifications from, but T-MOBILE, in it's stupidity is still blocking TRADE NOTIFICATIONS which come from CLIENT@TDAMERITRADE.COM

                  On this very thread Chris of T-Mobile says right out front that T-Mobile has blocks because of spamming.

                  You people need to WHITE LIST

                  Yesterday I submitted two orders that were instantly executed and did the same today and you are still blocking them.

                  I have Facebook messaged you that if you don't get this turned around by the end of the day tomorrow (10/31/19) my wife and I will go back to Verizon as much as we otherwise like T-Mobile's prices, coverage and otherwise good service.



                    • srickar

                      Re: Email-to-SMS is not working

                      Hi magenta3627089,

                      I just became aware of this issue. I am spam admin for domain. I wanted to let you know that I'm in receipt of your ticket and working to get the false positive scoring retrained on the domain The messages are inbound from The messages were triggering a block rule intended to catch financial cash loan spam. Whenever there is a large flood of category spam there can be potential to impact sending sources that have similar transaction based content. The correction typically takes 4-6 hours to correct.


                      Will reply back when the scoring has been retrained.

                        • magenta3627089

                          Re: Email-to-SMS is not working

                          Well I have news for you. It seems my message is....well, let me tell you this: were getting through! Yes getting through.

                          The one that was being blocked was

                          I have been fighting this for weeks. They had me take my phone to my T-Mobile store and the guy installed a new SIM card. That wasn't the problem at all.

                          BUT FOR SURE I NEED TEXTS FROM both the above emails.


                          Signed, PUZZLED IN ARIZONA.....

                          HELP! HELP! HELP! :-)

                          • magenta3627089

                            Re: Email-to-SMS is not working


                            THIS IS COSTING ME THE ABILITY TO TRADE AND IF MY FUSE BLOWS I WILL GO BACK TO VERIZON. NEVER HAD THIS PROBLEM THERE. I NEED TO GET TEXTS FROM BOTH THESE EMAILS. Help Help Help. and thank you in advance for finally getting this done after weeks of fighting.  I am tired. G'nite.

                              • srickar

                                Re: Email-to-SMS is not working



                                I certainly understand your concerns and frustration. I'm the engineer for the domain and after thoroughly investigating email queues, I can assure you TDameritrade outbound sending email address for all messages only contains subdomain 'notifications' in the outbound email queue. Messages are sent from envelope '' which was re-scored.  There are no further addresses to unblock as the primary domain was resolved. To be certain, I searched for other alternative addresses and no similar traffic was received.


                                For TDameritrade staff, they may internally see and refer to the address as "", which is likely cause for the confusion. The connecting outbound email address presented to other email entities contains the subdomain discussed above, which is not uncommon for large enterprise based email server traffic.


                                Email gateways must have some form of anti-spam detection to inhibit spamming activity. When notifications contain finance based topics, and coincidentally there have been recent exploit attacks for finance based global spam, anti-spam automation is a necessity.


                                What may be a better opportunity is the method in which you are receiving alerts. Can you please do me a favor? Can you please inquire with TDAmeritrade about migrating future notifications to trusted shortcode gateways. I believe TDAmeritrade already has an established gateway 32858 for two-factor authentication and confirmation alerts. Shortcode gateways contain established connections allowing corporations to send direct SMS messages to clients without email anti-spam screening. Shortcode gateways are trusted and do not require validation of each future transaction to cut down on external spammers ability to deceive if messages are transmitted direct from the organization.


                                I welcome your feedback and understanding that email message scanning necessitates increased scrutiny compared to shortcode delivery. Glad to have resolved this for you as soon as I became aware of it. Thanks again.

                                  • magenta3627089

                                    Re: Email-to-SMS is not working

                                    srickar, I really can't give TDAmeritrade suggestions on their technical setup. It might go well, but if I get asked one question and being a NON-PROFESSIONAL, I am afraid I'd stumble badly. I suggest you contact them since you speak their language. They most likely will be happy to deal with you.


                                    1 (800) 669-3900

                                    Stan Rocklin

                                      • srickar

                                        Re: Email-to-SMS is not working

                                        Unfortunately as a 3rd party, cannot place inquiries and recommend changes to personal finance accounts. Would love to help, unfortunately you may need to sync with them to setup notifications. Rest assured, shortcode transactions are a common feature that many institutions already incorporate into their notification standards. Take care and please refrain from posting your personal contact information on public forum - as spam crawlers will harvest your email address and send spam.



                                          • magenta3627089

                                            Re: Email-to-SMS is not working

                                            This is a very poor answer! You would not be dealing with my personal investment accounts! You would be dealing with their messaging practices, and suggesting that they use a few numbers instead of an email address would not require you to even mention my name.

                                            Your attitude is probably too widespread among your colleagues and why it took so long (or still has not yet been done) to get your darned FILTERS as your colleague Chris called them, turned off, no longer blocking "" from texting me.

                                            In the next few days I will place a trade and if I do not get a text confirmation as I always did at Verizon, I will have to go back to Verizon AS MUCH AS I DO NOT WANT TO DO THAT. What I WILL do in the meantime is try to find out who your CEO is here in your T-Mobile US version of Deutsche Telekom and contact him or her and raise the dickens that you either took forever and a ton of emails and forum posts to get the job done whether or not you did, in fact, do it!

                                            Know too that blocking financial institutions communications can result in financial injury to your clients. I also plan to file a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission! I am also considering speaking to my attorney about this. IF YOU HAVE NOT, PLEASE UNBLOCK THAT EMAIL ADDRESS NOW! Thank you.

                                            • magenta3627089

                                              Re: Email-to-SMS is not working

                                              I just emailed TDAmeritrade with this note, using your words, srickar; "RE Having long term troubles with getting TRADE CONFIRMATIONS via text from T-Mobile. Maybe the problem is solved. I plan to make a trade in a day or two and will see if they finally unblocked The problem is hard heads at T-Mobile. Their rep "srickar" did make a good suggestion. If you change your outbound messages from coming from to a "trusted shortcode gateway," such as you already have (32858) (the T-Mobile rep tells me) for two-factor authentication and confirmation alerts, it would stop cellphone providers from BLOCKING text messages as T-Mobile has been blocking yours to me. I hate to have to go back to Verizon. Please! Let me know, ok? Thank you.

                                              • carltons

                                                Re: Email-to-SMS is not working

                                                I'm having similar issues.  I contacted you in the past about out Email to SMS being blocked.  It is happening again.  I've sent you a follow request and if accepted, will send you the details of the block in a DM.

                                        • sc1969

                                          Re: Email-to-SMS is not working

                                          Hello srickar,


                                          Instead of starting a new thread, I replied to this one. Having similar issues with a different domain. Any help would be appreciated - I can DM you once you accept my follow request.



                                      • magenta10513055

                                        Re: Email-to-SMS is not working



                                        I am having the same issue as the original poster. Did this ever get resolved? When my work sends out email-to-text notifications, they get this kickback message from T-Mobile numbers:


                                        The original message was received at Thu, 26 Dec 2019 01:23:57 -0800
                                        from []

                                            ----- The following addresses had permanent fatal errors -----
                                             (reason: 550 permanent failure for one or more recipients (

                                            ----- Transcript of session follows -----
                                        ... while talking to
                                        >>> DATA
                                        <<< 550 permanent failure for one or more recipients (
                                        554 5.0.0 Service unavailable

                                        • morfyous

                                          Re: Email-to-SMS is not working



                                          I'm having the exact same issue.  We use an ITSM product that sends verification codes via SMS to our users during a password reset process.  I have verified that it works with all major carriers, except T-Mobile.  Here's what we are seeing:


                                          3/6/20 11:48:12.000 AM Mar 6 11:48:12 relay112 postfix-01/smtp[89478]: EFC69765D5: to=<>,[]:25, delay=1.7, delays=0.08/0/0.7/0.88, dsn=5.0.0, status=bounced (host[] said: 550 permanent failure for one or more recipients ( (in reply to end of DATA command)) host = relay112.ams0.service-now.comindex = ossource = /var/log/maillogsourcetype = maillog


                                          I initially thought this relay was on our side, but it seems that it's on the T-Mobile side.  I've reached out to T-Mobile support, but I didn't get far.


                                          Can you help?

                                            • srickar

                                              Re: Email-to-SMS is not working

                                              Hi @morfyous

                                              Thanks for reaching out. Very creative SN by the way. I sent you a follow request so that we can figure out the underlying block reason. Due to spam issues in the past few months, it could be due to shared similarities between messages thats causing it to get flagged. Please note that its not a good idea to send automation password resets through email. Automation traffic really should be routing through a short code content provider to comply with TCPA CAN SPAM Act of 1993. Waiting to hear back. Thanks.