COSTCO/T-Mobile BOGO offer on IPhone 8Plus


    Hello Support Team,


    Recently, i bought two IPhone 8 plus devices (256 GB) from Costco (Lone Tree, CO) on Nov 17 2017 under T-Mobile BOGO offer (added 2 new lines) and i was promised by Costco team that if i buy one IPhone 8 plus the second one would be absolutely free (meaning, i will be getting rebate card for full device cost).


    Unfortunately, when i submit the rebate claim on T-Mobile promotions website it says that i will be getting only $700 for each device which is totally unfair. I went to Costco warehouse to discuss on this but they now says T-Mobile is offering only $700 rebate. How come T-Mobile/Costco can change the promotion deal after customer purchasing the item? I am not sure why there is lack of communication between T-Mobile and Costco sales team. I am literally ending up with paying $400 more for my devices though mistake is not from my side.


    Costco team has raised an incident ticket with T-Mobile and i am not sure about on the status yet.


    Anyway, can someone from T-Mobile could help me out on this?




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      • tmo_chris

        Re: COSTCO/T-Mobile BOGO offer on IPhone 8Plus

        I am so sorry for the confusion! This promotion was for the iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 8, and 8 Plus and the maximum rebate amount for this promotion was up to $700. The iPhone 7 256 GB costs $600 and the iPhone 7 Plus 265 GB costs $769.99. The iPhone 8 256 GB costs $849.99 and iPhone 8 Plus 256 GB costs $949.99. With the maximum rebate being $700, there are variants of the iPhone (Plus/Regular, 64GB/256 GB) that would be 100% covered with the rebate but due to the cost of the 8 Plus 256 GB version, the extra $249.99 would not be covered.


        You can find all of the details of this promotion here and here.

        • magenta2686818

          Hello everyone here.

          I bought iphone 8 plus from T-mobile, promotion buy one get one free. but sent two device with different day. 1st device i already got, but second one was stolen from somewhere. T-mobile sent with tracking number and i went to UPS store pickup there is no phone inside box. I called T-mobile block device same day ( 11-27-2017 ) and they told me wait for couple day for handset research. Now they said device used from my data on day ( 11-30-2017 ). Impossible i never call unblock device. This first time been with T-mobile more than 10 years!!!

          • sathish2582

            Hi All ,


            I purchased 4 Apple i phone 8 plus from Costco

            on 20-Nov-2017. I have paid the complete amount for all 4 I phone



            I purchased them under the Q4COSTCOMAGENTA APPLE BOGO OFFER .

            After 8 weeks i am supposed to receive 2 cash cards worth 650$ each.


            I applied for the promotion on T-mobile website on 22-Nov-2017 using

            the T-mobile customer cares help. But my promotion  was declined on

            9th January 2018 saying must purchase qualifying device. It took

            around 8 weeks to decline.


            I did purchase a qualifying device.  When i contacted costco , they

            said it is valid.

            I called the T-mobile customer enter. They say to contact Costco.

            I am just going up and down.


            if this promotion is not valid. Please inform me immediately , so that

            I would like to cancel all my 10 lines in my T-mobile account and

            return all the devices i purchased . I can switch to a different Vendor.

              • tmo_chris

                Re: COSTCO/T-Mobile BOGO offer on IPhone 8Plus

                Hey sathish2582,


                It sounds like you purchased the devices during the promotional period and submitted the rebate during the eligibility window. The iPhone 8 devices are definitely qualifying devices so you should not have been declined. We are not able to see the status of your rebate here on a community forum but if you have not already, please contact our rebate care team directly at 1-877-311-8853


                Please use these prompts to reach a live representative.


                Press 1 for English.

                Press 2 for Terms & Conditions

                Press 2 for General Instructions

                Press 1 for Additional Assistance.

                  • sathish2582

                    Re: COSTCO/T-Mobile BOGO offer on IPhone 8Plus

                    Thanks for the reply. I have contacted them and they have asked me to submit my proof of purchase. I have done the same now.


                    Even the representative does not know , how long does it take to process.


                    The only thing i am worried about is , if they deny again after 8 weeks . I will not be able to return the product to costco as i have crossed 90 days.


                    I will be waiting till 87 days from my date of purchase. if it is not approved. I will cancel my devices and account from T-mobile.


                    Please let me know if that sounds correct.

                • sathish2582



                  I called today to confirm if they have received all required documents and i am being informed that i have not purchased a valid device. I should have purchased only using 24 month rebate plan and i should not have done full payment.


                  This is totally annoying.


                  One representative says it is valid. Other says invalid.


                  Do we have a process to be followed?




                    • tmo_chris

                      Re: COSTCO/T-Mobile BOGO offer on IPhone 8Plus

                      I am so sorry for the confusion. Just let the rebate team person you speak with know that this was a Costco purchase as FRP was the requirement for devices purchased at Costco. The 24 month EIP was only for devices purchased through T-Mobile. The promo code for Costco purchases is Q4COSTMAGSAPL17.

                    • sathish2582

                      I have submitted the Promotion again , they have asked me to wait for 8 weeks .


                      Not sure what will happen after 8 weeks.


                      T-mobile has policy to reject Promo if we apply after 30 days  from Date of Purchase of Device . I think they will use that statement to Reject after 8 Weeks.