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    Ok im having the same text messages

    . Im using digits (not sure if that matters) and im seeing it being sent from my primary number to random numbers. It just started when i got my replacemt s8 (tmobile insurance partner co) which is for some reason beta-version!?! Thats another issue. Ut if u figure out what the text thing is please let me know

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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: SMATMOTN Text

        Hey, magenta2905438! I branched your post to its own thread, since the previous thread was closed several months ago (and the OP contained private information ). Can I make sure I understand what's happening?
        You're using an S8 replacement from Assurant and didn't see these messages previously. You have DIGITS enabled -- is this your primary device, with multi-line settings turned on? Can you describe the content of the message in a little more detail, and let us know how often you're seeing these messages?

          • magenta2905438

            Re: SMATMOTN Text

            Here is a copy of one of the messages sent.. "SMATMOTN


            Sent to "+1 438-896-2071" number is unknown to me. Its sending messages

            wothout my knowledge or doing ... thank u for your help please let me know

            if more info is needed

            • magenta2905438

              Re: SMATMOTN Text

              Oh and i had multi line settings on..with digits app on and now ive got

              only dogits runnjng.

              • magenta2905438

                Re: SMATMOTN Text

                Ok so I messaged samsung. Their response is if whether or not I'm using visual voice messages.. I am still in the middle of but of anyone should be able to exclude this as an option pls let me know as I would like to give them as much feedback. Thanks

              • gojavolu

                Re: SMATMOTN Text

                Yes, I just had this yesterday after obtaining a Samsung phone for the first time. It should NOT be T-Mobile or Digits. In fact, people with Samsung phones have had it previously:




                I've been using Digits since it was first available. Seems rather horrible that Samsung would cause something like this to happen but people keep buying them lol (I needed one for work so had no choice)