Bringing Sprint iPhone 6s to T-Mobile/Porting Number to Existing T-mobile SIM


    Hi there.  I'm just looking for some advice here.  Hopefully someone here can tell me how to best proceed.


    A while back I purchased a second line to take advantage of the 2 lines for $100 promotion with the intent that once my girlfriend paid off her account with sprint she would join my account as the second line.  T-mobile assured me this is possible, we'd just have to get the device and number unlocked after paying off Sprint.


    We are finally getting around to it and I'm just wondering what the best way to go about this is.  Tell me if this sounds correct...


    1.  Pay off the device/account with Sprint and ask that they fully unlock the device. (Does this take a while to get unlocked?)


    2.  Place existing T-mobile sim card from second (unused) line in the iPhone and ensure it has full functionality on the T-mobile network.


    3.  Cancel account with Sprint and ask them to release her existing phone number.


    4. Contact T-mobile to have them port her existing number over to the existing SIM card from my unused second line.


    5. Make sure that no changes are made to my T-mobile account structure to maintain my same rate.


    Does that sound about right?  How long does this process typically take?  And should I do this in store or over the phone?


    Thanks in advance.

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