Where's my trade-in value?


    I originally had an account with 2 lines -- one for me and one for my mom and I was the primary account holder.  Both of our phones were paid off and I upgraded my mom's phone to the iPhone 8 Plus and traded in her iPhone 6S Plus.  During this process, we changed the primary account holder to my mom's name to take advantage of the 55+ promo.  I did not realize that this process closed the original account and created a new one.  I thought I was just changing the primary account holder and leaving everything else as is.  I then received a final bill for my original account to pay the new iPhone 8 Plus in full since the account had been closed.  I paid for the phone in full but I haven't received the trade-in value for the iPhone 6S Plus.  I've called and "messaged" with reps multiple times and I get different answers each time such as that I have to wait 2 full billing cycles, they can't comment on accounts that are closed, etc.  So I essentially gave T-mobile a free phone.  How can I get this resolved? 

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      • magentalifer

        Re: Where's my trade-in value?

        Oh no, sounds frustrating. I would reach out to the awesome T-Force team via Facebook or Twitter. Just send them a message and they can look into it for you!

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        • roberteb2

          Re: Where's my trade-in value?

          I was offered $360 for my Galaxy S7 Edge in excellent condition.  I received my S9 yesterday.  When I printed the return label from the T-Mobile web site, they lowered the trade in to $75.  And I have not even sent my phone back yet.  This is classic "bait and switch" and I will probably return my S9 and keep my S7 Edge.  Too bad, I thought T-Mobile was above pulling stunts like this.