UNABLE to view my PLAN details for 2 weeks


    I am able to view BILLING, USAGE, PHONE, SHOP, PROFILE.... but unable to view my PLAN .

    The website sends a message "We are currently having trouble with your request. Please wait a few minutes and try again"


    2 weeks and still can't view my plan .

    I usually check my plan everyday just to make sure there are no funny business going on concerning my 5 voice lines, 3 Mobile Internet Lines, and 2 OnDemand Tablet Lines....


    Have anyone else experience anything like this ?



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      • snn555

        Re: UNABLE to view my PLAN details for 2 weeks

        I use the T-Mobile app.

        Not the webpage.

        Mine works.

        • dragon1562

          Try using a different browsers and clearing the cache on the current one being used. If that doesn't work try using the app as mentioned by snn555.

          • barcodeable

            1. I downloaded the T-Mobile App and tried to view my plan within it (Didn't Work) I was able to view everything else except my Plan

            2. I tried using several different browsers (deleting history & cookies) via my ipad mini, android tablet, and pc (Didn't Work) could not view my T-Mobile Plan.


            I will contact Customer Service or T-Force if after 1 more week I'm unable to view my plan .

            Usually during the start of my billing cycle i will get the message to try back after a few minutes to view your account. Two weeks of not being able to view my plan is an annoyance to say the least.


            Thank you snn555 & dragon1562  for your post .

              • tmo_lauren

                Sorry we somehow missed responding to this sooner (always feel free to tag us if you need!)




                Just because it has been a day or two, I just wanna double check that this is still going on. I went ahead and am filing something up to get this looked at through a backdoor, so hopefully I will have an idea for you soon.



                  • magenta3090021

                    Hi Lauren,


                    We are having the exact same issue as barcodeable but for much longer. No matter what browser or app we try, plan details page will not show, and gives us the "We are currently having trouble with your request. Please wait a few minutes and try again" error message.


                    Every attempt to chat in or call the @Work dept. has gotten us nowhere. They have no idea whats going on and always say its probably down due to maintenance and should be fixed within a few days. Here we are months later with no resolution. It's gotten so bad that we have contacted a specialist within the executive response team.


                    If you know of a solution we would greatly appreciate your help.

                    • barcodeable

                      Hello tmo_lauren , thanks for your correspondence .


                      I am still having the inability to look at my Plan Details .

                      It's so frustrating not being able to see what I am paying for.

                      Im skeptical about almost everything.... Im wondering what is going on????  Why is T-Mobile hiding my plan from me?

                      Has someone hacked into my account??? A couple of weeks ago (maybe a coincidence ) i checked my account and an address other than mine was in my profile. I called customer service quickly to find out what was going on.... but I was told they see no other address than my home address in my account. I informed the rep, that i saw what i saw.... and then I let her know I took a screen shot of the address!!!!!! she then admitted maybe there was just some sort of error due to T-mobile updating their system and that the address I saw doesn't belong to any T-Mobile customers.


                      #1. The rep didn't believe me that I saw an unauthorized address.

                      #2. After I stated I have a screen shot, now all of a sudden she believes me then assure me the address doesn't belong to anyone.


                      Something is going on... just not sure when T-Mobile plan on telling us what it is .

                      If my account have been compromised- please let me know so i can change my bank account information .

                        • dragon1562

                          Don't stress man if the accounts were compromised t-mobile would have let you know or you would have found out by now. Try seeing if the reps can view your account and verify the info you need to know.

                            • tmo_lauren

                              I definitely don't believe it to be an account compromised issue, but it's definitely something we need to have addressed. I struck out on my first attempt to get some info, but I have another contact I am going to reach out to on Monday (it's late enough in the day and a Friday I won't get a response, and I can follow up easier come Monday)


                              I'm so sorry the reps didn't believe you upon reaching out barcodeable Like I said, my honest opinion is that it's just a back end hiccup of some sort, but I know a reaction like that from the rep doesn't really instill much faith in us for you.


                              Since this seems to be happening to multiple folks, I am curious if there are any similarities in your accounts. For anyone that this is happening to, can you let me know what rate plan you are on? I doubt that it has one thing to do with the other, but I am sort of curious if I can find any repeating factors.

                                • magenta4021574

                                  I'm having the same issue on website and mobile app - I have a SimpleChoice Val FAM UnlTT+D plan if that matters.




                                  • magenta3090021

                                    I have T-Mobile @Work with taxes included. I'm unsure of the specific plan because I can't open the page with that information....

                                    • barcodeable

                                      I have the Simple Choice Promo Plan w/ Family Stateside International Calling (Unlimited Voice, Text, Data + 7GB Tethering)

                                      Two Mobile Internet 6GB lines

                                      One Mobile Internet 2GB line.


                                      but I noticed this issue happening shortly after I got that Alcatel A30 Tablet on us


                                      I talked to T-Force a couple of hours ago... and they couldn't view my plan either... they saw the same exact "try back in a few minutes " post as i did.... I was told to be patient..... So i don't plan on holding my breath .

                                        • dragon1562

                                          I would call back in and have this escalated then.

                                            • barcodeable

                                              tmo_lauren  is aware of this issue and she's a T-Mobile Representative, and I have seen the Representatives on this Forum tackle many problems and issues...


                                              I contacted a T-Mobile "T-FORCE" Representative and informed her of this issue and she seen the issue with her own eyes and understood exactly what problem I and others have been having. The T-Force Rep advised me if i needed a glimpse of my plan i could go to the BILLING section online and click on any of the phone numbers on my account and I could see the associated plan connected to that line. I am thankful for her informing me of another way to see what Plan I have, but thats besides the point. I want to see the FULL details of my Plan .  Unfortunately I feel the need to check on my account every day to make sure it is in order. With my Bank account.... I have a daily inquiry sent to me via Email letting me know how much money is in my Bank account. If 1 penny gets withdrawn from my account I will see this on the next day inquiry.


                                              T-Mobile should create something similar..... I want to be notified of EVERYTHING relating to my account. I know T-Mobile sometimes send notifications to the Primary phone number on the account, but I want to be notified of EVERYTHING-EVERYDAY. and I think thats where this "PORTING SCAM" was able to manifest itself because the cell phone carriers fail to notify its customers regarding their account.


                                              Last year.... T-Mobile were giving out on T-Mobile Tuesday 25% off Papa John Pizza's... it could of even been 20%... but any way, each T-Mobile Tuesday I was seeing this low percentage off for a pizza... I was hoping for a player in the Major League Baseball game to hit a Grand Slam Homerun because Papa John had a 40% OFF promo available once that occured. Weeks went by of me wishing for a grand slam . But then.... Not on T-Mobile website, Not on T-Mobile Twitter, Not on T-Mobile Forum...... I didn't get a notification text or anything.... but I stubled upon a non-tmobile site informing that T-Mobile have a Promo to get 50% OFF at Papa John. I was skeptical.... until I input the code.... i think the code was "Tmobile50" and then I was thinking.... why didn't T-Mobile tell me about this promo.... non t-mobile customers were using this deal to get 50% OFF pizza... while I am waiting for a 25% code from T-Mobile Tuesday...lol..... im sure some of T-Mobile Employees weren't aware of this 50% OFF Promo....


                                              Recommendation to T-Mobile: Please notify your customers of what's going on. A Verizon or AT&T customer shouldn't know and be provided more perks than its own paying customers!!!!


                                              FREE 200 MB TABLET FOR LIFE was extenede to whomever had a tablet no matter what carrier you had.... so many AT&T customers, Verizon customers are still endulging in thier free 200mb without even being a T-Mobile customer... T-mobile customers are paying that bill for sure. That's why I believe that FDFL ended .... because it's unfair to T-Mobile customers. Luckily I found out "Late in the game" about the FDFL and obtained a 200 mb for life Plan.... If I had been "AWARE" sooner... I would have obtained more than one line. Im sure there are plenty of AT&T / VERIZON customers who have 5 or 6 FDFL Plans... because T-Mobile customers are always kept in the dark. Most of T-Mobile Promotions are posted on non t-mobile sites.... 


                                              I just would like to see.... If T-Mobile come up with a new promo tomorrow.... send me a text of this promo so I can be made aware of it. I shouldn't need to look at a T-Mobile Tuesday app to know there is a promo available (email me or text me)... I shouldn't need to go to a Verizon oriented website to read about what T-Mobile is doing .


                                              And I'm still patiently waiting to see my PLAN Details .

                                              I will stop posting on this FORUM  until I am able to see my PLAN Details (Good-Bye)

                                            • tmo_lauren

                                              barcodeable Do you know if they filed a ticket for your account? If they did, I might be able to track down with them if they know anything specific.


                                              Does anyone else with this issue also have a tablet?


                                              I'm still doing some digging and research, I'm hoping to have some answers ASAP.



                                  • magenta4021885

                                    I can't get in to my plans section either. And to think that I'm trying to add services... makes me not want to dish out additional money.

                                    • magenta4021885

                                      Mine seems to look identical. Kind of infuriating me honestly. I use the international plan nonsense to use the unlimited hotspot. As dumb as I think the method is, I still use it on 2 lines for college, gaming, etc. Trying to add it to my kids phone as that line stays in the house so we can use that hotspot for Google home, new Nintendo Switch, Etc. But this doesn't seem to be a issue that being rushed. May consider an outside source soon.


                                      2018-02-06 (1).png

                                      • barcodeable

                                        I am finally able to view my Plan Details on my account .

                                        I am so happy now .


                                        but 1 thing I did notice that was changed in my plan is now there is a "Scam ID" free feature, that wasn't there before.


                                        Well, thank you everyone for your post, hopefully everyone else who had the same issue as I did are able to view their plan details as well.



                                        • barcodeable


                                          WAIT A MINUTE... US NOT BEING ABLE TO SEE OUR PLAN DETAILS WASN'T SOME GLITCH (I think i smell something fishy going on).


                                          I just took a closer look into my plan details... I have noticed changes behind the scenes. T-Mobile is nothing short of being a magician .

                                          It seems like this was all a show to distract us to change stuff.... 1 moment its here *poof* it's gone .


                                          I will explain what I mean in steps, you can check your own account to see if it's true for you also.


                                          I had started a post last year asking if the mobile internet lines will be available for me "simple choice subscribers" to buy later if i needed to.


                                          I remember many people said yes... i need to post a link to that post . Well, while we were unable to view our mobile internet data plans (T-Mobile changed them) so now i see a *New* 6GB MOBILE INTERNET PLAN available for $25 dollars... it look the same as the 6GB MOBILE INTERNET PLAN FOR $35 DOLLARS that i currently have except that your data get limited to 5GB in Mexico and Canada for the $25 dollar Plan.... (sneaky - sneaky - sneaky).... why not advertise this on the T-Mobile website????? why sneak it in as available options????


                                          AND THAT's not all... The OnDemand tablet line used to come with 200mb for free (check your plan) if you downgrade your plan or for those who have just recently  joined T-Mobile will notice that the OnDemand does not come with any data now (GOTCHA). If you already have an OnDemand line with 200mb, it appears that you can keep it... but once you change your plan.... that 200mb goes bye bye.


                                          They turned the lights out, and while we were all in the dark.... changes were going on ... Im wondering if this change will even be noticed by the consumer ?


                                          I noticed it.


                                          Now i have some thinking to do... I have (2) 6GB $35 (SIMPLE CHOICE OLD PLAN) and i get a $10 discount for having a voice plan.... if i switched to the 6GB $25 (SIMPLE CHOICE NEW PLAN) will I get a $10 discount as well? Because $15 for $6GB MOBILE INTERNET isn't really a bad proposition... I don't travel to Mexico or Canada so the 5GB data limit wouldn't be a deal breaker for me.


                                          And I NOTICED the 2GB plan is listed at $10 now.... so if i get $10 off of that for having a voice line.... the 2GB mobile intrnet line would technically be FREE!!!




                                          is this a trap?


                                          Im guessing that T-Mobile from this point on will not be providing the $10 off for having the voice line and the prices that are losted is what you will pay without a discount??







                                            • magenta3090021

                                              While T-Mobile is horrible with CLEAR communication, they sent out notices

                                              regarding the 200MB free for life plans a long time ago. I purchase the

                                              Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 (SM-T217T) the day it was released specifically for that

                                              plan. If you had the Plan I would suggest searching your email for the


                                                • barcodeable

                                                  I need to read that notice clearly.... because i thought the 200 mb FDFL was totally different from the 200 mb data that came with the OnDemand Line. As the 200 MB FDFL is attached to a specific tablet.... the other is attached to your line.


                                                  I have a 200 FDFL line and I was aware that it was ending.... but that line isn't attached to my original T-Mobile line at all. It's has its own seprate line under it's own seperate account.


                                                  I also have 2 OnDemand Lines that have the 200 mb complimentary free data. And as I said...  I watch my Plan Details all the time... the OnDemand line had the 200mb of free data up until just recently when I was unable to view my account details. If you read that notice that you are referring about closely it will say somewhere that if you want the 200 mb free data you just need to maintain an OnDeman line. The information I'm posting is that ... that the OnDeman 200 mb was removed which is totally different from the FDFL 200 mb.


                                                  The FDFL 200 mb you didn't even need to be a T-Mobile customer to obtain vs The OnDemand 200 mb you needed to have an account with T-Mobile to obtain. VERizon and At&T, Sprint, etc., customers were able to get the 200 MB FDFL without actually starting an actual line with T-Mobile, but they were unable to get an OnDemand 200 mb line unless they started a "paying" t-mobile account.

                                                  • barcodeable

                                                    As it relates to the Free Data For Life on T-Mobile's own website: