iPhone X Low Res Blurry MMS/gifs


    I'm in a group chat with five others. Three of them also have iPhone X’s (on Verizon ). When sending MMS the iPhone users are receiving extremely low res Blurry images and videos that are totally illegible. The "Low quality image mode" is set to "off". Why is this happening and how do I resolve it?

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: iPhone X Low Res Blurry MMS/gifs

        Hmm, that's odd. Is this only happening with the iPhone users or with users that have different phones? Are these pictures that you've taken with your phone or ones you download, from another message for example. I suggest sending the same photo directly to the effected users to see if it's still happening outside the initial group message.

          • bladerealm124

            Re: iPhone X Low Res Blurry MMS/gifs

            It appears to mostly occur with gifs both inside and outside the group message with the Pixel user and inside the group message with all users

              • tmo_marissa

                Re: iPhone X Low Res Blurry MMS/gifs

                That's interesting, bladerealm124. Since you mentioned that it's happening with the Pixel user individually, and in the group message where the Pixel user is included, on the surface it sounds like the issue's isolated to MMS (and not iMessage). Have you noticed the same problem in group messages with only other iOS users, or individual messages between yourself and one other iOS user?
                If it's isolated to MMS, I'm wondering if it might be a file size issue. Our network supports MMS that are 1MB or smaller. Do you notice any improvement if the file size is on the lower end, or does this happen with every image you send in this group and/or to an Android user, regardless?

                • tidbits

                  Re: iPhone X Low Res Blurry MMS/gifs

                  It's the pixel user messing things up.


                  You are using iMessages to iPhone users which uses data and not SMS which has a lower file size limit.  So everything gets compressed to be able to be sent and it does it for everyone.  The only way to fix it is to remove the Pixel user or he gets an iPhone.

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              • dragon1562

                Re: iPhone X Low Res Blurry MMS/gifs

                I suggest avoiding SMS altogether and using a 3rd party messenger like facebook, kik, snapchat, or whatever you all prefer.