For some reason, I can't reply to a question thread that I created on T-mobile


    So I created this thread here I can't turn off message blocking? Using an unlocked AT&T with 1 line

    I have figured it out the problem, but I can't reply to the comment. When I go on that page, there's only 2 option, "Go to original post" and "Log in to reply". I ALREADY LOG IN BUT NOTHING HAPPEN, Everytime I clicked one of the options, it just refresh the page and still can't comment. I'm extremely frustrated because people keep asking if I have seen an answer or not, but I can't comment ffs. I can reply before, but not anymore. tmo_amanda


    As for the answer for the linked thread, the step that Marissa suggest does not work. Because I only have 1 line on my account, when I click plan, it takes me straight to "Change your plan and services" with different services, not the select line thingy. It doesn't have any of thing mentioned. If you don't see me replying to this thread too, it's likely I can't comment.

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