Unable to disable HD calling (VoLTE) Galaxy Note 8


    When you are on LTE network, voice calls default to HD calling.The HD voice calls are very scratchy. Always sounds like you are talking underwater in a drum. Voice quality is good when you talk to a land line but between two cellphones, it always switches to HD calling. There is no setting to disable HD calling. I have had several dropped calls, severely broken calls...Very annoying.I was hoping to disable VoLTE somewhere in the setting but it's not available. If you can't talk on your phone..what good is it? Haven't talked to customer service yet...

    Does anyone have this problem ? How do you fix it?

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Oh man, that is really annoying. Does this happen on every call or maybe just in a specific area? You can try changing the network mode and using the 4G/3G/2G setting to see if there's a difference. Please keep us updated on this so we can help. Thanks!

        • tidbits

          Open the dialer then tap the 3 button on the upper right and tap on settings


          from there you should see something line enhanced LTE or whatever.  Turn that off and then make a test call to see if the problem goes away.

          • rsouthern123

            I'm seeing a similar issue with unwanted call disconnects. It's not due to poor signal strength, although I am inside a building. On my old Note4 I disabled VoLTE after having too many disconnects. With my new Note 8 I'm back to a large number of disconnects and suspect VoLTE and no way to turn it off to test. I don't think it's a phone problem since I get 0 disconnects in some places and not others. I also don't think it's cell tower crowding, but I could be wrong. I'm in Santa Clara (heart of Silicon Valley) so it's possible it might be an underscaled network.

              • dragon1562

                if you force connect to 2g then place the call it will use the legacy tech (non hd voice).

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                  • magentamobile

                    Thanks for your reply. You are better than T Mobile technical support. You are correct, the only way you can disable HD call is to force it to 2G Only network. I tried and it worked. Didn't get HD. It was just good old clear voice call..on 2G only network. But then my internet speed was dead in the water. Why do they do stupid things like this?

                    I just talked to T Mobile support, they said it's not a T Mobile thing , it's a device maker's thing.They sent me over to Samsung support. Samsung support  basically said HD call is a good feature to give customers good quality voice call...And said they can't do anything to disable VoLTE , because Google makes the software... Samsung told me to go see a Samsung rep at a BestBuy.

                • magentamobile


                  As suggested by some I forced my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to use 2G only. settings-> connections -> Mobile Networks and switch the network mode to "2G only"

                  After that I didn't get HD call type while receiving and making calls. It fixed the voice situation.But then internet is dead in the water. Can't pull anything.

                  Fixing one problem to create another. Why do they do stupid things like this?

                  I just talked to T Mobile support, they said HD call is not a T Mobile thing, it's a device maker's thing.They sent me over to Samsung support. Samsung support  basically said HD call is a good feature to give customers good quality voice call...And said they can't do anything to disable VoLTE , because Google makes the software... Samsung told me to go see a Samsung rep at a BestBuy.

                  I just don't understand the confidence behind not giving customers a way to disable VoLTE. One makes the software...One says they are the best in everything..Voice, Data , Plan, Price, LTE Network,Netflix , Tuesdays etc etc.. and this one just created the biggest baddest  phone thing ever ..after burning a few... Yea I have a gigantic screen, an S Pen, 10 biggest  baddest cameras, face lock, pin lock, iris lock, password lock etc etc.

                  "Hey man...don't spend anymore time with the voice settings.Nobody cares. Polish the screen...show them the camera..."

                  Here I am more than $1000 later...call drops, disconnects, sounds like speaking from underwater in a drum.

                  The phone is the truly the best. Way ahead of anything and in its own league...

                  But Can you just fix the basics or give us a way to disable your overconfident feature?

                  Btw I am in Atlanta area.I will find a way to post this on Samsung community too

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                    • dragon1562

                      Yea 2g isn't designed for data really. Also the reason HD voice is a thing is because it is supposed to sound better then old legacy tech. Which I would argue that it does when it works correctly. As for the reason there is no easy way to turn it off. I would assume its because its the future of calling. Carriers want to get as many calls to be placed over LTE as possible so they can decommission their old inefficient 2g networks. Another fix you could try doing is turn off calls over LTE basically make LTE data only like you would on a iPhone. I know there is a way or used to be a way on Samsung devices but I'll have to refresh my memory.


                      In the mean team I would call Samsung using the Samsung Care + app and see if they can help you.

                      • tmo_mike_c

                        I appreciate you giving 2G a shot and I understand the data is a bit slower. Since we know it's impacting the faster network speeds, we'll need to have our engineers take a look further into your connection. Have you contacted our Tech Care folks to have a trouble ticket filed for this?

                        • stevetjr

                          Where in the Atlanta area?  I am thinking maybe it's a phone issue....   I live in the ATL area and most days am in the NW (Paulding), Marietta and Sandy Springs area (near King and Queen) and aren't having those issues with my S8.  I know they used to let you disable it but in the process of streamlining they seemed to have removed it.  I know Apple has done similar stunts like removing the ability to edit APN's which causes some roaming issues in smaller countries.  I know TMO had nothing to do with it and suspect it was Samsung not Google but probably no way to know for sure.

                            • magentamobile

                              Thanks for your reply.I have tested in many different areas ATL airport, Downtown, Midtown, Sandy Spring,  Gainesville, Forsyth/Dawson/Lumpkin/White/Habersham/Rabun  County. I think for a phone maker, service provider..the call quality should be #1 thing. I have called a an Iphone on TMobile to test and the voice on iPhone sounded good but their voice on my phone...is scratchy. I get better call quality on Skype, Whatsapp etc.

                          • disk4mat

                            I only know of one way. Download the app Quickshortcut maker.


                            Run the app and go to the activities tab. Scroll down to you see "phone". There are three of them, choose the last one. Tap to expand. Scroll a long way to "HD Calling". Tap that. Then tap try. From that window you can turn off hd calling. See attached screen shots.


                            • magentamobile


                              Guys...Sorry...I jumped the gun. I thought the HD voice call was successfully disabled by the method suggested by @disk4mat [Through QuickShortcutMaker app].But I did a lot of testing today. Sorry.it's not working like I thought. I made several calls to several Tmobile phones , a Note 8 and an Iphone. Each time it was an HD call even though I had disabled the HD voice call thru QuickShortcutMaker app. If it makes any difference, I made several calls to a couple of Verizon phones..and my phone always used regular i.e non HD call.. but Tmobile to Tmobile...always HD call.

                              Thanks @disk4mat for trying to find a fix. I almost thought it worked the first time I tested. I wonder what the issue is. I might stop by BestBuy and ask them, since Samsung suggested me to go there.


                              Any other ideas...anybody?

                              • disk4mat

                                Thought I should post the screen shots for disabling the HD icon just in case someone should want to do that.


                                Run QuickShortcutMaker and go to the activities tab. Scroll down to you see "phone". There are three of them, choose the last one. Tap to expand. Scroll a long way to "Outgoing HD Voice Settings". Tap that. Then tap try. From that window you can turn off the HD in call icon and also have access to outgoing HD call settings. This should have been the proper method as you can adjust both settings from one screen, but I learned of it after the fact.



                                • bizz247

                                  Using the quick short cut maker app


                                  search Enchaned LTE services it will show up under phone..

                                  Select it and then unclick the button.


                                  That will disable all the HD voice crap that's been messin up our phones!

                                  • tmo_mike_c

                                    Hey magentamobile  I'd like to check in with you and make sure I have this straight. Seems like there's 2 issues going on. 1 is the audio issue and 2 is the HD still displaying even when you've disabled it through the settings. Correct? I know I've had you test this before, but with 2G only enabled, is the HD option still stuck on the screen? I'm think this could be something software related but I'll continue digging to see what else I can find. Another step I'd like you to try is putting your phone in Safe mode and seeing if there's a difference with the audio. Please keep me updated on what happens. Thanks!

                                      • bizz247

                                        Hi Tmobile,


                                        im not the OP on this thread but can attest that safe mode did no resolve anything for me.


                                        I did a little more troubleshooting this weekend and found a pretty consistent repro of the problem.


                                        Before I go into detail I would like it known that service is not an issue in my area. Infact where I live I can literally see tmobiles head quaters in Bellevue WA (literally neighbors).


                                        So this issue repro's 100% of the time between two samsung galaxy s8's on tmobile, while driving and I have my call going through my cars bluetooth system. I havent yet validated via other bluetooth devices if this occurs, however surpsingly ive found that switching to speaker phone on my end does the trick and we can hear eachother just fine.


                                        ive read about some weird issues with bluetooth on the s8,s8+,and note 8. I would like to point out a thread where a plethora of issues have been reported to samsung for tmo to review. (see bottom of reply)


                                        there have been some simple fixes like users accidentally covering the ear speaker on the phone, blowing on the mics (both top and bottom) on the phone. However many sre reporting similar issues as to what was reported here.


                                        For whatever reason, and im not sure if it is samsungs bluetooth techology finding low volume signals as a loss of blue tooth connection or if its my cars bluetooth technology doing it. It seems as though for me at leadt the problem is with making calls via Bluetooth.


                                        Playing media like spotify, sound cloud or even samsungs music app does not run into these issues, voice to text doesnt usually have any issues either over bluetooth either.


                                        switching to speaker phone and further making calls via speaker phone have assured me the issue resides with bluetooth phone calls.


                                        Here is the mega thread on Samsungs site ive been following.

                                        Galaxy S8 - other people can't hear me on calls - Samsung Community - 117188

                                          • tmo_mike_c

                                            Thanks so much for the explanation and the link bizz247 . I do have a few questions about this. How long has this been happening on your phones? I understand you haven't tested another bluetooth device, but is it possible for you to do so? I'd really like to know if this does carry over to other devices and only on calls.

                                              • bizz247

                                                This has been happening since we got them, out of the box. We pre-ordered the s8 back in april.


                                                At one point one of the phones was dropped which shattered the screen, and through the samsung protection deal we got a new phone. Same problem exists with that phone as well. The only thing we havent tried is replacing my phone. I dont suspect it will.


                                                Today i decided to try new sim cards in the phones to see if that made any difference. it did not, and even the issue persisted via bluetooth or speaker phone on my end this time.


                                                im pretty sure this issue has to do with the noise reduction feature in samsungs phone software. There is no way to disable it, but you can tell something is dulling out the voice on the other end and then letting it through clearly. Makes it so you can hear the person talking but cant understand a word they are saying.


                                                The issue doesnt happen via Headphones or even normal calls. Ive also noticed that via Bluetooth the issue doesnt occur either because while their voice is compromised, they can still hear me clearly.


                                                there is a really good youtube video showing the problem. Dude who posted it works in a radio station Samsung Galaxy S8 Speakerphone Problem - YouTube

                                                  • tmo_mike_c

                                                    I really appreciate you sharing all this info. Seems like this issue is slightly different from the OP's original post. I'd say if we were able to isolate this audio issue to a specific network connection (like VoLTE) we'd be looking at filing a ticket to resolve this. I haven't seen any reported software issues from Samsung saying that would cause something like this. I'll run this by some of my folks, and post here with what I find out. You've given me a ton to work with so I'll see what I can dig up on this.

                                            • magentamobile

                                              Hey Guys..sorry I was away. Thanks @bizz247 for reporting the audio issues over bluetooth.I haven't tested the audio over bluetooth.

                                              Your issue is a little different from what I had originally reported.I'm still having the HD calling audio quality issue. Wish someone knew of a resolution. I have tested my Note 8 in many areas. I haven't tested the Safe Mode thing yet.I'll go to BesyBuy when I get a chance..but doubt they will be able to help. It's frustrating the the gang: maker, provider, builder.... no one has a clue. Slowly bad quality phone calls...dropped calls etc are becoming the new normal...jeeeezzz. I thought we were making things better...

                                              • magentamobile

                                                Sorry... I went to a BestBuy today.. but they said they didn't have any Samsung tech. They said the ones that have a Samsung tech is in Alpharetta and Mall of GA. I'll go there when I have some time.

                                                Just wanted to make sure everybody knows that I have tried all solutions provided here. Nothing works except the one where you connect to 2g network. But then you don't wan't a beautiful device on a very good network limit itself to a 2G network to get a good voice quality, do you?

                                                  • tmo_mike_c

                                                    I get where you're coming from magentamobile. We don't expect you to just stay connected to 2G, that was just a test to isolate the issue. We do appreciate you keeping us updated. I'm looking forward to hearing what the Samsung rep says. If I get more info, of course I'll post a reply back here too.

                                                    • dragon1562

                                                      So I have been thinking about this for a while now and I was wondering what would happen if you tried placing your calls using the digits app and not the native dialer? It shouldn't be effected by the HD voice since its using VoIP to connect the call.

                                                        • bizz247

                                                          So for my voice issues which im sure are the same as whats going on with magenta, as one of the solutions i kept finding people post or suggest was turn off HD calling.


                                                          I found making calls via facebook messenger through facebook did not have the same problems. theres a couple of things that could be going on here though.


                                                          1) Facebook messenger does not use the native dialer, which means its also not using any lf the dialers features during the call such as the noise cancellation samsungs dialer uses.


                                                          2) it is also using voice over IP


                                                          However, if you choose to call an number that is not on Facebook then the call goes through the native dialer app on the device and the problem comes back.


                                                          So to answer your question about digits, its likely digits wont see the same problem as it is bypassing the native dialer,as facebook messenger does.

                                                            • dragon1562

                                                              Excellent, that means it can be a temporary solution to those being effected then till a fix happens.

                                                                • bizz247

                                                                  haha, This is HARDLY a temporary solution until the problem is "Fixed". First off not everyone is signed up for digits, I tried to download the app and it wanted me to sign up for it, not knowing enough about it I said no thanks, I don't want to jank with my plan..

                                                                  Second off I'm already doing a work around which barely works on it's own which is via facebook messenger, which is ridiculous because the phone should just work as its intended, especially for making speaker phone calls, i mean come on, that's BASIC functionality.. ugh


                                                                  Third off, I just got done talking with Samsung support, Samsung support is horrible.. So it started yesterday, I went down to Best Buy and talked to the Samsung rep there, he tried to sell me a Samsung Verizon phone, told him no thanks dude I'm with tmo and already got the phone why would I switch..


                                                                  Then I proceeded to ask him if he had known of any voice issues reported with S8/S8+/Note 8, and he was told me no, and proceeded to make some bs claim that in all the 95,000 phones they have sold no one has come back with any issues.. (riiiigght, I worked for tmo back in 2008-2009 in tier 3 support people always have issues with their phones!) . I showed him this message board thread and was like, dude keep up to date on your message boards, because this one is 33 pages deep and gets at least 5-6 new posts with people reporting the same issue Re: Galaxy S8 - other people can't hear me on call... - Page 33 - Samsung Community - 117188



                                                                  So this morning I contact samsung support online. Told the rep what was going on, told them i've tried all the suggested troubleshooting steps, and that this has been going on since day one with the devices. The lady assured me that they were working on a fix after I showed her the message board thread on samsung's site. Then she had me provide my baseband number which informed me she could look up and see if the update was ready.. Feeling optomistic about this I gained a little hope.



                                                                  Then like the berlin wall that all crumbled down, when she says, "Your phone is up to date and has the latest and greatest version"... I said, you just told me knew of this issue and that there was a new fix on the way. She said, your phone is up to date, there are no up comming updates.. Would you like me to create a service ticket so you can send your phone in to get repaired? I said repaired? you want me to send both my phones in to get repaired? she said yes.. I said ok, who's going to give me replacement phones until they are "repaired".. she said well your service provided will have to (t-mobile).. I said Why would t-mobile provide me new S8 while you guys fix my old one? She said I all I can do is get you a service ticket created for a phone repair.. Then she mentioned my phone would have to go through an inspection process to insure it's still under warranty, then through a phone quaility test to make sure it's working properly, and it could take up to 8-12 weeks..



                                                                  Good GOD!



                                                                  So i had her make the request, not sure what's going to happen now, but I'm not likely going to send both my phones in to get "repaired" and then expect tmo to lend me 2 replacement S8's until then..



                                                                  I've never heard of tmo doing anything like this, maybe times have changed?



                                                                  Both my devices are paid off.



                                                                  Not being able to use a the native dialer on your phone makes the phone pretty much useless IMO, especially an $800 or even close to $1000 device, that's pretty pathetic.


                                                                  That's like saying, oh hey you just bought this brand new car? Well if you want to actually steer, and drive your car you have to remove the steering wheel and gas pedals that came with it and replace it with a third party parts because the stock one does not work. Oh but don't worry will get the issue fixed in the meantime.


                                                                  Very annoyed with this issue and Samsung, don't want to go back to apple, but at this point it's looking like a pretty good option, at least they had good support, and reliable technicians when it came problems like these

                                                                    • dragon1562

                                                                      Trust me when I say that Apple isn't any better. IOS 11 has been a hot mess filled with stability issues and voice call problems( calls got fixed). Also honestly this issue seems to be very uncommon since I know a lot of S8 users across all the carriers that have not had any issue with HD voice.


                                                                      As far as digits is concerned it won't change anything with your account. Digits basically just works like Apple ID and I message and it will allow you to place calls and texts across multiple devices. You shouldn't even have to install the digits app since it should work natively from your device. Honestly, though I feel your pain. I'm old school and like calling people over other methods of communication. Since I personally don't know how to provide you a permanent fix the best I can do is basically provide band aid solutions that will help make this situation a bit less difficult.


                                                                      Hopefully the whole phone fix thing will be your salvation. When you do get your new or repaired phone don't restore from a back up. Its worth seeing if the issue is not present when coming from a stock version of Samsung's android. If for some reason it does come back then something isn't playing nice on the software and no amount of phone swaps will fix.


                                                                      Anyway thanks for trying so hard to resolve the issue man. Will all try to help however we can.

                                                            • bizz247

                                                              Hey guys,


                                                              Just wanted to update the thread, and that i'm going to do the warranty exchange on both devices through tmo. I'll update the thread when give this another go with 2 new devices. I'm not condfident it's going to do anything seeing as we had already done this once before with one of the devices through Samsung.


                                                              If this fails i'll be looking at trading in our devices for note 8's to see if we have a better experience. Again still not 100% confident it's going to resolve anything.

                                                                • bizz247

                                                                  And thus the saga of annoyances continues.


                                                                  Talked to the t-mobile rep for over 2 hours today, only to find out that in order to get the warranty exchange on my devices i'd have to


                                                                  1) pay $40 for ($20 per each phone for a warranty processing fee).



                                                                  2) the new devices would take a week to get sent to the store at which then I could pick them up



                                                                  3) The rep originally told me that'd be able to pick the devices without needing to turn in my old devices first, and then mail my old devices back, and that I would I have 2 weeks to do so.


                                                                  When the rep started sending me the fine print, it clearly stated in 3 different ways that the I would be required to turn in my old device, with the settings reset back to default settings, the devices would be inspected upon pick up.


                                                                  The rep then argued with me that what she was saying was correct and that the fine print was wrong, then told me she was wrong and the fine print was right. Sm


                                                                  So long in short, I'm not getting a warranty exchange after all..


                                                                  Come on tmo you guys are better than this, lets not add salt and dirt the wound further now.


                                                                  What a pain!

                                                                    • tmo_marissa

                                                                      Hey, bizz247 -- just rereading your last reply here, and it seems like you decided not to move forward with exchanging the equipment using T-Mobile's warranty exchange process.

                                                                      The experience you've shared is a big bummer to read over; you're right that you would need to turn in the original devices when you pick up the replacements when you process an In-store warranty exchange, and I'm sorry that we weren't clear about this and very sorry that we haggled with you about it -- that's not the customer experience we ever want to provide. After everything you've detailed, if you're having the same audio issues regardless of network mode and location, and the issue doesn't repro if you place your SIM in another device, then at this point I think that an exchange is the best option.


                                                                      I know you explored the option of sending the equipment back to Samsung and using the manufacturer's warranty option instead, but I agree that the turnaround time there is less than ideal. This is one of the reasons why we're happy to offer the option to Warranty exchanges with us, though I know the processing fee isn't an expense anyone is super thrilled about (as we seldom are when faced with unexpected expenses). If you change your mind and do decide to move forward with replacing the devices, then we'd love to hear back about how the replacement equipment works! Also, you should be able to hold off on resetting the current phones until you get to the store, so you can transfer your information over using SmartSwitch rather than having to set up from scratch!

                                                                      MC did reach out to a contact of his that works exclusively with Samsung products and so far they haven't advised of a known issue with audio, and we don't have one listed internally at this point -- but we will definitely keep you updated if anything changes!

                                                                    • tmo_amanda

                                                                      Goodness, bizz247! While I appreciate the update, it sounds like the exchange process didn't go smoothly. Please let us know once you receive your replacement devices and if that solves the issue. 

                                                                    • bizz247

                                                                      Hey guys,


                                                                      so turns out this is absolutely the same issue as what OP posted about. Heres the latest steps if tried.


                                                                      So going on the idea it might be samsungs dialer i found a verison of the oero. dialer that works on any droid, lolipop or higher.

                                                                      I checked it out and it legitimately replaced the samsung dialer. So i installed the oero dialer on both devices.. Same problem. We know its not a hardware issue as speaker phone works fine in on the Facebook messenger app.


                                                                      Thinking back to this thread i remembered the 2g trick, so i tried that during a convo, and it fixed the issue!! woo!


                                                                      problem is, turning on 2g kills data, nota sufficient fix. I talked about this issue with a friend of mine who is well versed in phones, and we both agree this is either driver issue or an issue within samsungs OS for HD calls.


                                                                      Either way its a software issue. My friend who is also on tmo in floridia who is an apple user has never found any issues like this on iPhone.


                                                                      Another issue we started having with one if devices as well is one of the devices isnt receiving texts. another friend of ours on tmo who has the s8+ also has the same issue.


                                                                      Weve talked about it and we are done being  beta testers, i like dealing with this kinda stuff because im a software engineer/servjce engineer my self, but the fun is over.


                                                                      Sorry samsung we will be giving apple a try now!

                                                                        • tmo_marissa

                                                                          bizz247, thanks for coming back with this. I'm sorry that your conclusion has you jumping ship to another OS, but I appreciate the testing you did to get there, and FWIW, we'll continue forwarding examples of this concern to our internal contact who works with Samsung equipment. 


                                                                          I did also want to ask this -- if you have a chance, we'd love to have you reach out to a team with account access to report these missing messages. If you've got time stamps (and since you have two devices maybe that makes it a little easier to repro and get a few?), that's something that our engineers can run traces for if a ticket is filed with some details! I know that this whole thing has been a bummer and adding homework isn't fun, but we'd love to make sure that the network isn't at fault, and a ticket would be the way to get our ENG team the details they need to check. That said, if you're done with the whole thing, no fault at all. <3


                                                                          Thanks again either way for staying so engaged here!

                                                                        • michael2017nyc

                                                                          What are you guys talking about ?

                                                                          1) Calls sound muffled or fuzzy only when you talk to AT&T (they have the worst network)  ,Verizon or Sprint customers  (they always can understand T-Mobile customer much better but we struggle to understand them , especially AT&T!)  When it's T-Mobile to T-Mobile it's a true HD VOICE WITH NOTE 8 ,   and there has been a decent HD VOICE in general, Ever since the year when T-Mobile implemented it over 3g network and then later on over LTE . But Samsung Note 8 sounds like it is enhanced HD VOICE  even further with a better quality software that creates a True HD voice (sounds very clean and enhanced  like when you are watching news online)


                                                                          2) You don't need to disable VOLTE, because even if you were able to disable it, it would only make call quality worse.

                                                                          • magentamobile

                                                                            Thanks everybody for your answers and thoughts. My problem still remains. I have two Note 8s and the call quality is very scratchy on both. I have had an Iphone 6 on Verizon , I have friends with IPhone 6s on Tmobile... They don't have this issue. I don't want to debate what Samsung enhanced or why VoLTE is the best thing. It's just not giving us a good quality voice. Set to 2g only..the voice quality is good. I'm sure others have the same issue but are just dealing with it...If you personally haven't had this experience you probably won't understand what we are talking about.

                                                                            I'm really out of phone and friends to test this with.

                                                                            So if anyone has any other ideas...let me know...I appreciate it.

                                                                            • magentamobile

                                                                              Is there a particular number for the tech support ? I had already talked to customer service in the beginning but they said it was a Samsung issue.

                                                                              • bobjrbobjrbobjr

                                                                                Just got a Note8 and am experiencing the same issue. Why can't we just turn off this feature! Seems like TMobile locked it down.

                                                                                  • magenta3398443

                                                                                    We've got 2 Note 8 phone and we 've got into trouble:  phone calls quality is HORRIBLE!!!!

                                                                                    Calls drop, speech interrups, and so on...

                                                                                    1. First of all, why to buy this kind of device and switch to 2G? Can't move to the previous century, sorry.

                                                                                    2. Why should we pay warranty exchange $20 per phone if it's not our fault receiving phones with unacceptable phone call quality? And who quaranties that another devices will be better?

                                                                                    3. I went today to the TMO store, they had no clue what to do but claimed that the phone call sounds perfect. Wow!


                                                                                    Did anybody really resolved the problem without a third party apps / switching to 2G?

                                                                                    If a ticket is filed, how long it will take for a fix to reach the customers?

                                                                                    I will appreciate any help!

                                                                                    • magenta3431004

                                                                                      I also just got a Note 8 and have the same issues. I will be returning this for sure. I am waiting for my Note 4 to be repaired and needed a smartphone. Everything on here about the Note 8 describes my experience. The phone can have all the best features, be fast, sleek, etc. -- but if it doesn't make a good quality call, forget it. And it will cost me a $50 restock fee for the privilege of finding out that Samsung's Note 8 doesn't work right on T-Mobile. Very, very disappointing.

                                                                                    • brendanlewishawaii

                                                                                      I'm having similar, almost exactly, the same issues.  I have been working with T-Mobile for a week.  I'm contemplating turning in this Note8, but that won't fix the issue for my wife, who also has a Note8.  Anything new come up with this issue?

                                                                                      • magenta3890699

                                                                                        I will tell you exactly what is going on here.  And WHY!  First of all, it is not a defective phone.  The problem is that Samsung Note 8 does not have a option to turn EVS or "Enhanced Voice Service" on and off.  How I know this:  I owned an LG V10 and it had 2 options:  VOLTE ON/OFF and an option for Enhanced Voice Service ON/OFF.  This makes sense.  Why?  Because if you kill your VOLTE - it fixes the problem.  Your voice does not go through the data stream, it's simply an old fashioned voice call.  It sounds CLEAR!  BUT - BIG PROBLEMS!  One, you lose the ability to make Video Calls from your phone keypad!  Since you are not using data, there is no data for the video to be carried on.  So you leave VOLTE on.  VOLTE is otherwise know in Samsung Note 8 as "HD CALLING."  The corrrect answer on the LG V10 was to turn EVS or Enhanced Voice Service OFF.  It means you are using data, but you are not "enhancing" the sound - otherwise known as making it so you can't hear the other person - scratchy - lots of treble.  Your video calling still works.


                                                                                        The problem is that EVS sounds terrible.  That's probably not going to change.  That's why we need the option to turn it off.


                                                                                        On the Note 8 - There is ONLY the option to turn HD on or off - and if you turn it off - yes - you lose video calling.


                                                                                        Samsung needs to have the added option in the call menu to turn EVS OFF and leave HD or VOLTE on.


                                                                                        Same with crappy Bixby.  Can't uninstall it completely.  Waste of space on your phone - Google Assistant (microphone button) does much better.



                                                                                        • landonloco

                                                                                          The problem must be Samsung because I have an LG stylo 3 plus that's cost like 200$ and it works flawlessly for calls on VoLTE and in HD the only times I have trouble with VoLTE is when signal is bad that the call might have issues staying connected other than that calls connected super fast ethier t mobile to t mobile or t mobile to other carriers even on 4G my phone can do an HD call which it's weird because before you couldn't do it unless you are on LTE.

                                                                                          • smdulcey

                                                                                            On phones with dual SIM support the setting for enhanced LTE is in the SIM settings, allowing it to be set individually for each SIM. Although the US version of the Galaxy Note 8 does not support dual SIMs, the international version does, so the setting on that phone may still be in that area of the settings UI.

                                                                                            • magenta4151064

                                                                                              I am having the same issue in trying to turn off HD voice. I just came to Tmobile from Verizon. With my VZ sim card in I can easily turn it off, it's an easy option in the settings. Take the VZ sim card out and put the Tmobile Sim card in and that option to turn it offo is no longer there  This is not a a Samsung or phone issue, the option is removed by Tmobile  I have a galaxy S8.

                                                                                                • dragon1562

                                                                                                  The reason T-mobile probably does that if it is the case is because the bulk of their network uses LTE. However, I doubt it is actually T-mobile who implemented it, since Samsung is the one that actually works with the software and device for each carrier/ region.  So it still goes back to Samsung deciding to remove the functionally as it was their call.

                                                                                                • magenta4151064

                                                                                                  It I doesn't make sense that this would be a galaxy issue and not a Tmobile issue when i  have the Verizon Sim card in there is the setting to turn off the HD voice but when i have the Tmobile sim card in that option is not there? Seems like a to Tmobile issue to me.

                                                                                                    • dragon1562

                                                                                                      T-mobile has no say over what a device does with their software. They can only make suggestions to the OEM and it is up to them to decide how to implement things. Is it possible that the Verizon phone is not playing nice with the T-mobile network? Do you know anyone else with a S8 or HD enabled voice that has issues in the area?

                                                                                                      • dragon1562

                                                                                                        Also I wanted to add that you can place your calls over legacy networks which should resolve the issue for you. You can also use 3rd party callers like Facebook messenger. I'm curious what would happen if you used Digits to place your call as well? You should give that a try since it is a integrated technology from T-mobile.

                                                                                                          • magenta3890699

                                                                                                            Tmobile has programmed lots into their version of the Samsung Note 8.  They do have a say.  Also, NO, we don't buy a $960 phone from Tmobile and then lay down and say, OK, we'll just never make calls on the phone - we'll use facebook messenger instead.  Crazy!  That's like buying a car, the engine doesn't work, so you cut a hole in the bottom and use your feet to make it go just like Fred Flintstone!

                                                                                                              • dragon1562

                                                                                                                I promise you that T-mobile does not do any of the programing themselves. They get a device and make sure that it works with their network. That is it, after that it is up to the manufacturer to ensure that it meets the requirements. How the manufacturer does this is up to their own discretion. Also I want to be clear, I never said that you should just "lay down" and never make a phone call but that realistically you should pursue alternative options in the mean time.


                                                                                                                I apologize if you got a bad impression from me as this is not my intent.


                                                                                                                I wish you luck in resolving this matter.

                                                                                                          • magenta4151064

                                                                                                            I will try digits but I shouldn't have to. I shouldnt have to. I should be able to just turn offo the setting.