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    My issue is not a big one but just kind of annoying.

    I swapped from Verizon to T-Mobile and ported my number last night and now I can't make video calls from the dialer video option. I have checked and all of my setting are correct with the video call option. I have turned it off and on a few times, reset network settings, and rebooted the phone several times and still no luck. Does the video call only work if both parties are on T-Mobile? All other video call options work fine but I would love to know why the basic built in option does not work now that I have switched. Thanks for listening and hopefully someone has the answer to this issue.

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      • snn555

        Re: S8 Video Calls

        That software is built in by Verizon. Each carrier has its own version of video calling that only works with their service. Just like phones sold by T-Mobile can generally only video chat with other phone users on T-Mobile.


        There is still the option of using Google Duo but the other person will have to have the app as well similar to the other user will have to be on the same network if you were using two carriers built-in video messaging.

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        • tmo_amanda

          Re: S8 Video Calls

          Hey, magenta2994235 !


          snn555 made a great point about if your phone is from Verizon not all of the features may work the same. Just to confirm, this is an unlocked Verizon S8 that we're talking about, right?

          • tmo_marissa

            Re: S8 Video Calls

            Good morning, magenta2994235! Just wanted to check in here and see if you'd had a chance to look over the questions and suggestions above. Please let us know if you're still looking for assistance!


            - Marissa

            • dragon1562

              Re: S8 Video Calls

              Overall there are plenty of third party options that will work the same as if not better then T-mobiles video service over LTE. I am sorry that this feature will not be available to you. If it makes you feel better only a small handful of devices are able to support this functionality across any carrier and they are all android based. I know Snn recommend Google duo but other options that I really like include Facebook Messenger(since everyone has facebook it seems) and Skype.