Unlocking my s7 edge


    What can I do? The phone number got disconnected from the network as there is no T mobile network in West Virginia. The phone is all paid off for and I took of the phone of my friend to call them and unlock it. T Mobile customer service rep told me to go to Device Unlock app and do it. When I click on permanent unlock, it pops up saying failed to connect to server, after few more tries it shows failed to unlock device, go to store or contact customer service (which i just did). And again the customer rep tells me about the app which DOESN'T WORK. I used the help chat, and the rep who answered says, she's new in a department and doesn't know anything about unlocking and asked me to call the customer service again. What can be done? Is there anyway to resolve this. How stupid it is that in this age one has to go through so much trouble to unlock a phone. And the customer reps are horrible, no one knows anything and they keep transferring to other departments. I need my phone unlocked.

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