When using WiFi, 4G LTE icon flashes every few seconds, draining battery.. seems to be after nougat update.  Using S7 edge




    Some time after the recent Nougat update on my S7 Edge, I began to see poor battery life.. narrowed it down to what seems to be the cellular radio turning on every few seconds, like it's trying to send an SMS or something.  It only happens when I'm connected to a wifi network.  I'll quickly see a flash of a new icon in my notification bar.  Was able to see it at times, it's the 4g LTE icon coming on then going away.


    Have tried various things found on the net...

    -turn on/off wifi calling

    -forget wifi network, reboot, connect (this worked and I was fixed for several days, but issue back, fix not working now)

    -clear cache partition

    -turn off VoLTE

    -etc etc etc


    Anyone seen this or have any idea how to fix it?


    Thank you in advance!


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