Incorrect charge back paid with AutoPay


    Hello Team,


    I was trying to solve a issue regarding a over charge for my account, I tried calling customer support more than  10 times, it was not resolved, can some one assist me with this? If not point me right direction.


    I paid off my device for 546$, as I made payment for wrong device, I called t mobile customer care to cancel the payment, they said it will take 1 month for refund and to call my bank to cancel the transaction, I did and a month later, I paid off the same device with remaining balance, Now I was charged with charge back of 546$ in december and by auto pay,  payment was made, I have been calling customer support for refund of 546$.Let me know how to proceed.Its frustuating to call customer care again and explain from scratch.

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      • kranthikranthi1992

        The issue was not about paying for wrong device, I got all payments made for the device from t-mobile store, which are clear and customer support is not able to clear this issue even everything is clear. Please change the title back.

        • tmo_marissa

          Hey, kranthikranthi1992! I edited the title for the thread because as a peer to peer forum, we try to keep the thread titles as relevant to the root cause of the issue as possible, so that other users with experience with the issue at hand will see the post and help -- and also so that future users are likely to locate the post when they do keyword searches looking for their own answers. I'm sorry if I didn't capture the gist of the concern here! I hope that the updated thread title is an improvement.

          I reread the post and it seems like the issue is that there was a charge-back on your account for a stopped payment after you tried to close an EIP. It is entirely reasonable to not want to pay for the same thing twice, and I'm sure that AutoPay withdrawal was a very unpleasant surprise. Whether the EIP was not closed out and the payment went towards your bill, or it was closed but then set back up (and subsequently closed again when you later used the funds to pay off the same EIP balance), we've got to get to the bottom of why our system thinks this amount is due and make it right!


          In this public user forum, we don't have a secure platform for verifying customer accounts. However, if reaching out online works for you, I would highly recommend contacting our T-Force team through Twitter or Facebook. In those channels you'll be able to get direct account support online, plus there's an added benefit of message continuity. You won't need to explain the situation more than once while it's being investigated as you can return to the same message chain in either channel and representatives can read back to get the gist of the situation. This isn't a small sum of money by any means -- it sounds like you've exerted a great deal of effort trying to figure this out so far, but I hope you'll give our T-Force folks a chance to take a crack at it.