Two family plans, moving back to one


    I have 11 lines with T-mobile since many years. Recently I inquired about moving my few lines to T mobile one plan and I was assured a great rate plan for 4 lines by account specialist. They have created new account for me and moved 4 lines from existing line. After 2 weeks, no followed up from t-mobile, so i called the customer care and they said there is no such rate plan available and they can not get me that plan. I was given wrong information from them. After that they have forwarded my call to Loyalty department and I was given an offer that my four lines would be moved back to my old account and they will waive the charges associated with new account but still i have to pay for 2 sim cards that they have ordered for my new account and also i will be charged for 2 weeks services have been used with new account.

    SO here i dont understand that i have created new account because i was promised for a great deal so why should i have to pay any charges related to new account?

    Secondly Why should i bare those $53 for sim cards that I have ordered just for new account?

    Third, my fours lines that i have moved to new account have already tmobile servies with my existing account so why i have to pay for those lines that received services under new account?

    Very disappointing with t mobile. Never had this kind of bad experience.

    Really thinking to take my all 11 lines to another carrier as t mobile does appreciate my business.





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      • tmo_marissa

        magenta4301036, this is super confusing and I get why it seems that way to you, too! I'm sorry to read about the misinformation and all of the headache it caused. It sounds like we advised you that we'd resolve the charges associated with the new account -- but are still asking you to make a payment for the partial service charges and SIM cards for the new account?
        I definitely think that this is something an internal team can resolve. Perhaps there is a pending credit or a follow-up set by the team that made this promise to return and adjust the relevant charges when the bill cycle closes. I sincerely hope so! If reaching oIut online is your preference, I would definitely recommend working with our T-Force team to have this reviewed. On Facebook Message or Twitter in DM we have a secure platform to verify your account and can review the notes, follow-ups, and any pending credits on this second account! Hopefully we'll be able to get to the bottom of this for you quickly -- not just because you've got 11 lines, or because you've been a customer for so long, although both of those things are wonderful -- but because keeping our word is the right thing to do! You can visit T-Mobile on Twitter or Facebook by clicking either icon in the badge below my reply here.
        Thanks for taking a moment to reach out here and post about this experience. Please keep us posted on how things play out with T-Force.

          • magenta4301036

            Hello tmo_marissa ,

            Thank you for your response but seems like I was not able to make everything clear in my post or you are not getting my point.

            I have straight question, they have created a new account for me just 10 days back with 2 lines and I have cancelled that account in 10 days so please tell me that how much I owe to T-mobile?

            Once I get this answer then I will give you more details on it.

            Please ignore all my history that I have given to you earlier. Just focus on my question only.

            Thank you

              • barcodeable

                Re: Two family plans, moving back to one

                The reps on this forum do not have access to your account... so they will not be able to provide you with a dollar amount you owe for the 2 lines you maintained for 10 days .


                Customer service or T-Force via twitter/Facebook should be able to assist you further with your inquiry concerning your bill .

                • tmo_marissa

                  Hey, magenta4301036! This question is a little tough to answer, because we can't review individual customer accounts from this forum and so I can't see what your plan was, whether there were any features added (ONE Plus, ONE Plus International, Unlimited high speed data on an older plan, Premium Device Protection, etc), additional usage charges on your lines, or any equipment installment plans or leases.
                  Generally speaking, if you were a brand new customer and walked into a store, started an account for two lines and ten days later canceled the account, you may owe whatever that month's charges were, since we don't prorate (our service is monthly, rather than per diem). We no longer have contracts so there wouldn't be any early termination fees, but if you'd started equipment installment plans or leases and those devices weren't returned, you would be responsible for the full balance owed on any equipment.
                  However, the situation you originally described is potentially a little different. If the lines in question were not actually canceled, but moved to another account, that bill would be prorated after the fact -- it may take a billing cycle to correct since we bill current, so the full month's charges would already be billed initially, but since charges for the lines would begin accruing on their new home (account) the day they were moved there, we wouldn't want to charge you twice for the same thing. I believe you'd see a revised final bill for the account with the two lines that were moved that would have a prorated adjustment, and on the account where the lines were moved to, on your next bill you'd have the prorated back-charge for the days they were on the new account, plus the regular full month's charges going forward for the current bill cycle.
                  I know that's a lot to try to explain conceptually, which is why we recommend working with a team who can review your individual account, plan totals, and the circumstances of the cancellation/move.

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                • bradgrant

                  Re: Two family plans, moving back to one

                  My advice would be to get the finalized billing statement or have someone look at it. This might take some time. Explain to them the dates or about the dates all of this was done and the specific reasons why it was done. Once you do that have them give you a credit where credit is due. For the SIMs if you have been mailed the SIMs return them to sender depending on the shipping. If you have not received them see about getting them canceled. Have someone review the entire situation and request a full remedy. Have them follow up and request the time frame you would expect the call. Once they have looked it all over have them fix the problem in the way you agree to have it fixed. Always make sure to pay the bill regardless or they might send it to collections or leave the account active. Make sure they know where to apply the credits, if any. If they do not check in with you in the time frame stated you will need to call them, or have an associate review everything again. +++important+++ have them take notes on your account about what has happened and what you want done about it. Request the specific amount you want credited which will help them and you save time on negotiating to get a resolution.