Will the Alcatel LINKZONE work outside of the US?


    Will the Alcatel LINKZONE work outside of the US?

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      • tmo_lauren

        Depends on the frequencies for the area!


        Would you be trying to use it with T-Mobile service?



        • tmo_mike_c

          Hey there! Did you still need more clarification? Please come back and tell us if you need more help.

          • rgt2122

            I just came back from Mexico and was very disappointed to find out my Alcatel LinkZone Hotspot with a pre-paid sim from T-Mobile would not connect to Telcel or Movistar. However, when I put the sim in my iPad it worked very well.


            I contacted T-Mobile and was informed that their HotSpot would not work because they prevent it from connecting as they can't promise good service with "tethered" devices. I explained that this is not what I was told at the T-Mobile store before I later purchased the Alcatel LinkZone. Unfortunately, there was nothing they could do.


            So, I don't think it is a frequency issue. As the iPad worked well and it could still run as a Hotspot with no issue, I don't think it was a performance issue either. Likely it is a cost issue, which I could understand if I was using an Unlimited plan. Buy I was on a PrePaid Data plan that had a specific amount of data for a set price. There is no risk to them with that kind of plan.


            Botton Line - per T-Mobile your Alcatel HotSpot will not work outside the United States as they don't allow "Tethering".

            • magenta1982898

              to Mike, TMO,


              Will the Linkzone work in Europe as 2g 3g device?  Or is the Mexico response a global one?


              I see the specs do not show any available LTE bands, but 3g service would be satisfactory.  Spec shows GSM bands 2,3,5,8, which is 850 900 1800 1900, which should work.  I have 18g choice plan.  If TMO has tether limits, will a UK sim work on an available 3g service?

              • magenta1982898

                Nov 2019, I unlocked my Linkzone and used UK sim, giffgaff (02 network, free sim, topup 15L, used 10L for 6gig bundle, 30days).


                Linkzone works in UK on 2g,3g fine, ok for mapping, browsing, email.


                Does not have Europe LTE channels.