Upgrade Before 50% EIP Paid Off


    I have a Galaxy S8+ with about 35% EIP paid off. I have 6 months/6 payments left before 50% of EIP is paid off.  The thing is, I cracked the screen and was going to file a claim with Assurant. Now, they offer two options: either get same replacement device or JUMP upgrade to a new device.  If I decide to JUMP upgrade to a new device, what happens to my current EIP?


    Usually, when I JUMP upgraded in the past, it was 50% paid off and I traded in my old device and T-Mobile took care of the remaining half.


    Thanks for any help!

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: Upgrade Before 50% EIP Paid Off

        This is quite the dilemma, but I think I can help. If you have JUMP! but the phone has damage like a crack in it, you'll want to file a claim on the device as you won't be able to turn the device in for a jump upgrade with a cracked phone.

        • tmo_marissa

          Re: Upgrade Before 50% EIP Paid Off

          Hey, adderhead7! Mike is correct that you won't be able to JUMP! this device unless a claim is filed and deductible is paid. I think I understand your question -- you're wondering about the fact that you're being offered two options, whether to get the same device as a replacement, or whether to JUMP! now?
          The current and more recent versions of JUMP! require that 50% threshold be met before you'd be JUMP! eligible. Based on your description of your previous experiences JUMP!ing, I'd assume that's what you have. If you decide to get the same device, you'll just pay the deductible. If you decide to JUMP!, you'll pay the deductible and the JUMP! Now amount (the difference between your current EIP balance and that 50% threshold), plus any up front costs (taxes or taxes + down payment) required for the new phone.