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    I'm currently in Kenya and have been unable to utilize any sort of cellular data while roaming. Calls and texts seem to be sent/received without any issue, but cellular data just doesn't seem to work. I've tried every step on T mobile's troubleshooting webpage before speaking to a customer service rep who basically led me through the exact same steps before giving up and claiming my sim is defective. I'm pretty sure it isn't because I used it 2 months ago while roaming, in Kenya, without any issue.


    Would appreciate any help since T-mobile doesn't seem to have any answers!

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      • dragon1562

        Re: Unable to use roaming data

        International Plans | Traveling Abroad without Roaming Fees | T-Mobile I don't know what phone you have but I have linked a part of T-mobile's site that will show you the expected coverage. I also am not sure what plan you have which could impact the speed you receive when roaming. Chances are that data is working but really slow to the point of not being usable for most sites since the map shows mostly 2g coverage.If you are going to be there for a while and the device is unlocked you may want to consider getting a temporary sim card for your data needs. You will also want to file a trouble ticket so that T-mobile can work with the roaming partner in that market.

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        • tmo_chris

          Re: Unable to use roaming data

          Hey scotshah


          I wanted to check in here to see how things are going. dragon1562 brought up an good point. The internet speeds while roaming are not as fast as you would see them in the U.S. Have you had the chance to try any non-data intensive tasks on your phone like sending an email? Does your phone show that it has a E, 3G, 4G, or LTE next to the signal bars?

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            • scotshah

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              Thank you for your replies and sorry for the delay in replying. I managed to find the problem- it looked my phone was automatically connecting to a carrier that allowed phone and text messaging but no data transfer for some reason. What tipped me off was that there was no '3G'  visualized next to the signal bars, as you suggested. I went into the 'carrier' setting of my phone, turned off 'automatic' and manually selected another roaming carrier. That seemed to do the trick and it is now working fine!