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    Good morning,

      I want to reach out regarding my new customer status and the horrible customer service that I have received. I signed up for family service in my local T Mobile store with 5 lines and the guarantee of BOGO for both the iphones and samsung galaxy phones as well as a Sprint Buyout. I have now found out that I have been lied to and told that I could only do one promotion or the other but not both. I had verbal confirmation from the store manager that BOTH could be done!!! The only reason that I signed up and left Sprint was to make the plan more affordable for my family. I have since called in several times as well as visit the store to have this matter resolved. All attempts have come up empty. I thought that T Mobile had a reputation for excellent customer service but my experience has been nothing short of a frustrating disaster. I'm looking for someone to resolve this situation for me in a timely manner. I now have my Sprint account going into collection which will reflect poorly on my credit report which makes me even more angry!! I am willing to give this one more try before taking legal action. I look forward to your response. Thank you!


    Danielle Petrie

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      • jayfromtelesales

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        So sorry to hear about this situation Danielle. What has the store manager told you about this situation? Have you spoke with our T-Force team? I've seen this happening a lot about both promotions being mixed up and it's not the right welcome for a new customer. But definetely get in contact with our T-Force to get this resolved ASAP.

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        • dragon1562

          Re: New customer issues

          You will need to contact T-mobile to work the situration out. I am sorry that the rep was misinformed but they do outline in there promos about not being able to combine in the fine print. Contact Us  this forum is publicly and mainly made up of your peers so none of us will be able to actually resolve this issue, but we can provide advice on where you should go to get it resolved.


          I have also took the libierty of postiong the important bit of fine print in regards to the BOGO promo and the link of where I got it from Available rebates

          Tax on pre-rebate price due at sale. Limited time offer; subject to change. Qualifying credit, service, port-in, and finance agreements for both devices required. iPhone 7 (32GB): $21.99 down and $22/mo. x 24, pre-rebate price $549.99. iPhone 7 Plus (32GB): $45.99 down and $26/mo x 24, pre-rebate price $669.99. iPhone 8 (64GB): $0 down and $29.17/mo x 24, pre-rebate price $700. iPhone 8 Plus (64GB): $79.99 down and $30/mo x 24, pre-rebate price $799.99. iPhone X (64GB): $279.99 down + $30/mo x 24, pre-rebate price $999.99. 0% APR. If you cancel wireless service, remaining balance becomes due. Max 6/account. Rebate up to $700 on device of equal or lesser value via prepaid MasterCard® Card. This Card is issued by Sunrise Banks N.A., Member FDIC, pursuant to a license from Mastercard International Incorporated. Mastercard is a registered trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated. Use of this card constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions stated in the Cardholder Agreement. Cards will not have cash access and can be used everywhere Mastercard debit cards are accepted. Must be active and in good standing when card is processed. Allow 8 weeks. May not be combined with some offers and discounts (e.g., Carrier Freedom).