How To Set On Galaxy S8 running Oreo?


    My Samsung Galaxy S8 has upgraded to Oreo and I want to know how I can set up different ringtones for different contacts?  When I try, an app called Sound Picker comes up but doesn't give me the option of picking from the list of ringtones that are on my phone!  How do I change them?

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      • tronguy123

        Re: How To Set On Galaxy S8 running Oreo?

        Straightforward. Go to contacts, tap on the contact. Then, tap on info for that contact. Then, at the top of the screen, tap on edit. Scroll up; should be a "more" on the right. Tap on that. Then you'll see the ringtone option; tap on that and you get the phone's list of ringtone. Pick the one you want, save everything, and you're good to go.

        You can put in specialized ringtones on the phone, but that's a different story.

        • tronguy123

          Re: How To Set On Galaxy S8 running Oreo?

          OK. That's where it should be.

          Did a little checking after my last post on the subject. Open Contacts, tap three dots in top right corner: There's a "Manage Contacts" item. As you've probably figured out, the default save location (phone, SIM card, various accounts) are in there.

          A bit more interestingly, you can export or import contacts as vCard (VCF) files. This raises a couple of possibilities.

          First off, you could export the contacts, to Internal storage, the SD card, or the SIM card. (I guess that's how you'd move them from place to place). So, if you've got the contacts on the SIM card somehow, this looks like a method to get them on the Phone: Export them to somewhere other than the SIM, then import them onto the Phone.

          Second: Before you try #1, I'd suggest that you try creating a new, junk contact, you know, with a name like John Smith. Make sure it's on the Phone; then try selecting a different ring tone with it. If that works, then it kinda sounds like your current batch of contacts is on the SIM or something. If not, there's something more serious wrong.

          Along the lines of "More Serious": I, for one, am not having problems assigning ring tones; I suspect that the great majority of S8 users are in the same position. If all that is true, then (a) backing up everything using Smart Switch, (b) factory resetting the phone, and (c) putting everything back on the phone, might be in order.

          If, on the other hand, your contacts are inadvertently on the SIM somehow, the export/import trick should fix that.

          Let us all know what 'ya got.