keep my simple choice plan, or enroll it into my Employer Advantage


    Which is cheaper?


    Yesterday I went to the T-Mobile Employer Advantage webpage and entered my work email.

    Tmo responded saying "congrats" with your employer you are in, you can enroll your existing account into the Employer Advantage program.


    So, before I go and alter my account, which me and my family depend on, what are the pros and cons of doing it?


    None of the the things they last are really important to me, of course the main thing is will it raise or lower my monthly bill?


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    Dear Christopher Collins,


    You're totally in! Your organization gives you access to all of these great benefits:


    No annual service contract, no overages

    while on our network and no activation fee

    Early Termination Fees (ETF) reimbursed up to $650 with device trade-in

    Upgrade your phone whenever you want with our JUMP! program

    Free shipping on new activations

    Generous 30-day return policy


    As a current T-Mobile customer, you can enroll your existing account in the T-Mobile Advantage Program. Just click below.

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